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"....They did not ever try to adapt the environment to meet his needs but used excessive restraint methods. They failed to make any communication with community-based professionals who were working with Oliver on a daily basis and knew him well.

Oliver died because clinicians didn’t understand Learning disability, autism and how this affects a person. There is a full homicide police investigation into Oliver’s death. ..."

".....He never failed to light up a room with the sound of his laughter....."

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S P O R T   T O   W I N : make it Your new Motto
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Make Sport to Win  Your future motto when You are feeling down and unmotivated.


Just find a sport that suits you, as soon as possible, and begin a new approach to Life.


Sport to Win means never stop fighting for a better attitude.

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" The achievements we have obtained at an artistic and professional level were probably unimaginable by our father, who made us the wonderful gift of a piano upon receiving the news that the visual illness that caused...had no cure"