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The splendid and energetic Anna Matus and Gabriele Goffredo are seeking and achieving perfection every single time they enter the dance floor!

A Unique couple of Gladiators, as they rightly nickname themselves, that without any doubts masters in Dancesport. Five Times 

World Champions in DanceSport! Anna from Moldova and Gabriele from Italy...

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To transmit real strong emotions and to let the spectators be with the performing Artists on the dance floor, it can't be taken for granted and it can't be considered as something easy to deliver either; especially if thinking that sport-dancers are dealing with very sever dance-rules to be respected not to receive penalties and not to miss the craved gold....

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LETTER TO THE WORLD : with Love Esperanza

"Esperanza is my name and I was born in a city called Heart.


I have to do something myself. But Dear Universe don't leave me alone. Be part of the rescue.

I have to take the direction of personal creative intentions."

" The achievements we have obtained at an artistic and professional level were probably unimaginable by our father, who made us the wonderful gift of a piano upon receiving the news that the visual illness that caused...had no cure"