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" The Barcolana is now one of the most crowded regattas in the world both for participants and spectators. The city of Trieste becomes a "village" by the sea where cars and other means of transport will be better and surely avoided by the majority, to give space to the relaxing walking and cycling choices. ..."


The Gulf of Trieste, Italy.

"...Barcolana anchors its roots into the name Barcola, which corresponds not only to the area where today the race has its start, but it corresponds also to the name of that same area, where the 11 pioneers put into action their adventurous ideas, despite the difficulties, such as the lack of electricity so necessary for the adjustments and cleaning of the boats..."

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Flick through our previous ...Articles!

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LETTER TO THE WORLD : with Love Esperanza

"Esperanza is my name and I was born in a city called Heart.


I have to do something myself. But Dear Universe don't leave me alone. Be part of the rescue.

I have to take the direction of personal creative intentions."


" The achievements we have obtained at an artistic and professional level were probably unimaginable by our father, who made us the wonderful gift of a piano upon receiving the news that the visual illness that caused...had no cure"

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