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The Surprising Journey of a Strong Baritone
An EXCLUSIVE Interview
"I am going to change my life and follow my dream..."
"A Surprising Journey with A Strong Baritone"
Host: Jon Moses
Interviewer :  Emanuela Clari
JAN. 4, 2017
Album "The Journey"

Int: Well, first of all Mr JON MOSES, thanks for having accepted so joyfully and without hesitation to "chat" with me and give TheMagazyne readers the opportunity to know the surprising Journey of such a Strong Baritone who certainly is leaving currently a moment of powerful Wind Beneath His Wings.

BIRMINGHAM ARENA will open its precious doors to YOU in January 2017 !! Please tell us more...


JON: Hey!!! Lovely to have a natter with you, as you know already I do like to have a chat xxxxxxx I know crazy about the arenas!!! I can’t quite believe how my life has changed over the last few years. Not so long ago, I remember, I was sitting at a desk feeling miserable and saying to myself I am going to change my life and follow my dream, and now I literally travel the world singing for my supper. I can’t wait to sing at Birmingham Arena in January and then the 02 Arena in May as part of the British Basket Ball League ( ). They are an amazing bunch of people. I do get nervous but ill have my wife and baby girl with me this time along with some good friends to spur me on xxx


Int: The title of your NEW ALBUM really captured my attention "THE JOURNEY"..and straight away I said to my self, I really would like to start  from the first stone you placed to become the amazing young singer and great musical actor... you are today...


JON: Awwwww thank you, you’re so lovely saying that xxx Well I have to give my parents and my sisters and brother the credits really. Both my parents are talented, natural entertainers, never professionally but I mean in a room of people they are like a magnet. I remember watching them from a young age and thinking why do people always talk to my mam and dad and when I grew a bit older I realized it was their entertainment quality…. especially after a few adult pops…hiccup…….. My family and I were called the Vontrap family in the North East as we would put family shows on. I also remember people saying I had singing turrets as I would not stop singing. When I was 13ish I was awarded private singing tuition, which was funded by the local government that went on for four years. It wasn’t till I was around 23 when I had a bit of a melt down, I decided to take a holiday to Majorca, which turned into me spending 6 months there singing in a karaoke bar. I then realized that I could become a professional singer and be paid for what I love. From there I had a serious of different jobs within singing and acting which resulted me being signed for a solo UK tour….. I literally could not believe it, and actually still don’t believe my luck in life. I learned many skills those years with various different crowds and vocal techniques. When you have an audience of 300 people in an open venue, you soon learn that mustang sally will be a song of choice one second then Nella Fantasia the next. My life then changed in 2012 when my dad and sister put me forward for a show called ‘ ITV Superstar ‘, I didn’t want to enter as I have never really been confident and when I did get to the stadium and heard all the talented people I soon wanted to turn around. I stayed, for my family’s sake of belief in me and then ended up being a finalist!!!  I could talk all day and tell you the rest but the when I do get to selling my autobiography you would already know the details hehehheheh All I should say is it has been a long, hard, sometimes tearful, mostly joyous ‘Journey’, that I’m thankful for every day. You know when I first started singing I thought it was a curse. I love to sing but could not get used to people staring and watching me. Now I look back over the years at lives I have touched and when I feel those nerves remind myself to enjoy what such a simple gift can do.


Int: Your baritone voice immediately arrives to listeners heart and arrived to mine too....There's something from your voice ...I guess ...your life experiences ...which are vibrating in the tone of your voice. That causes an intense emotional impact everytime you perform...I think in "Jesus Christ Superstar" as the protagonist you have really reached the apix..either as a great actor . .Is there anything that you hide inside and that glitters from your voice? ...What are your feelings and secrets about it?...


JON: WOW!! You are good!! I an honestly say that when I sing, I get lost in what that song meaning is, I sometimes forget exactly where I am in a song because I feel it so much, I know that sounds really weird, but for example. I performed ‘ Kiss The Air’ Scott Alan, in London recently ( ) and I was so lost in the song lyrics and meaning I forgot that it was time to finish. I have been fortunate/not fortunate enough to have a very colorful life, which allows me to draw on experiences. I’m a very strong but sensitive soul, which means I really feel an emotion and when I sing it feels like there is a tap on almost and it pours out. 


Int: Now, dear JON i will never, never miss the chance to write ..with You.. about the fantastic "Bedazzle Project" for disadvantaged people, you substain with all your strenghth and your time. You absolutely have to share with us the details..


JON: OHHHHHHHH MY Lovely lovely Bedazzle Family ( ), These guys are incredible, Diane and Phil run the Charity, dedicated to the advancement of education in performing arts, with particular attention on those who are disadvantaged. When you’r invited into the lives of people who really are making a difference in this world and such a positive impact on many lives, it changes and humbles you. I have worked with Bedazzle for 4 years now and the difference I have seen in my family members is breathtaking. I call them family because I am so proud of them all like a brother would be. They really do an amazing job and any funds people can put our way are greatly appreciated. Watch them perform 


Int: Your heart and professional life has devoted you to your audience and all your fans are so in love with you, your smile and the emotions you let them live at all your performances. But now my question is ..what about your Mother? - "The best Mam in the world" to whom you always dedicate "Wind Beneath my Wings", like you recently did at the Alvaston Hall (UK), and that personally moved me a lot...


JON: My Mam, my soul, my reason for many of my way’s. Mother of five very talented, beautiful, genuine children and wife and love of my ‘ Rock’, my dad. I have seen my mother go through so much in her life, all in the name of her family. I have lived all her achievements and watch her re-build her self from places I would not wish upon any one. She truly is an inspiration and gives me hope in everything I do. In that you should never give up and when you hit rock bottom you have to pick your self up and find you’r way again. If in any way I can repay her in my lifetime that would be me greatest achievement xxx


Int: Have you just turned father of a beautiful baby-girl? Am I right? Have you thought or already written a song dedicated to her?


JON: I am…..I mean have…. Hehhehehe…. Grace-Victoria. Grace as I think you can do everything with grace if you choose and Victoria after my mam xxxxx I can tell you exclusively that we are recording ‘Amazing Grace‘ for her on the album and it features a beautiful vocal arrangement from Ria Keen vocal Guru

Int: Here we are at the end of our Journey together on TheMagazyne with JON MOSES and what better way to conclude this nice "chat" with few lyrics from your 2017 NEW album  "The Journey" by Stephen Clark, Voyage Records. To All our Readers and Your Thousands fans - Remember Jon's new Album will be released at the end of February. Thanks once more for having given us the pleasure to know the splendid person You are. Let's enjoy the lyrics..and of course  dear JON I am personally looking forward for an autographed copy of Your  album "The Journey".!


...Once in every life

There comes a time

We walk out on our own

And into the light

The moment won't last, but then

We remember it again

When we close our eyes

Like stars across the sky

E per avvincere tu dovrai vincere

We were born to shine

All of us here because we believe...

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