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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                           NOV. 25, 2016
A Woman Who Shares Her Power
"I've experienced a whole lot the last few years and I have a lot to share."

Quote from "Seriously I'm Kidding" by Ellen DeGeneres

Nothing better than a powerful Woman on this planet nowadays.


A woman who always watches her interlocutors straight into their eyes and give the impression to have a pace as a mountaineer in regard of her life.

A climber who never seeks the pick to have just another life's task done, but looks as if the roar of the achievement slams against her soul to echo in somebody else's spirit who shares that powerful strength and eases away somehow relieved and rescued.

A lady whose name, Ellen, sounds familiar all around the world, challenges authority regularly and defies danger of not open-mind-humans everyday.

Mrs DeGeneres's key to success is her most daring move: to share.

A Woman, nowadays, who is able to share her power with others is so rare.

She demonstrates detached to her mere satisfaction but joyfully participates to life's players game, and she does it seriously. In all circumstances, TV shows, movies, stand-ups, live shows Mrs Ellen DeGeneres demonstrates to be responsible of her lines, she takes care of the words she speaks.

The power of persuasive speeches is the most interesting aspect of her goals. The sense of humor is only the frame of master-pieced dialogues.


She could become the next American President in a blink.


"Charlotte Bronte"

A Fiery Heart 

by Claire Harman

"Seriously I'm Kidding"

A New York Times Bestseller 

by Ellen DeGeneres

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