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Meet  Emanuela : The woman behind

Pleased to meet all of You Readers and honoured by the interest You have in the exclusive interviews and original articles provided by me and my Team in  TheMagazyne.

The colours are always different for everyone even if they have the same name, yellow, red, green, they are just nouns. Every one sees things differently, so do I. No matter if the world goes around and I am feeling still, the brain goes around as well.

No stop the thoughts exert the impelling necessity of being expressed, gently, decisively and joyfully. That's me.

Studies of Literature and Foreign Languages brought me to gain my University Degree in Rome but always felt without boundaries, free to be and to express.

3 July 2018 completed an on line course in Common Law, by Harvard Law School, magnificently held by Professor Charles Fried. 

Fond of Law and Marketing. Eager to know more everyday.

          Proudly I gave birth to TheMagazyne      

                            on the 19th November 2016

A tale: "A First Class Choice"

  Chapter One

Once upon a time ... a beautiful girl named Emanuela was born on a sunny 8th of June in the leap year 1972.

The "Caput Mundi", Roma, in Italy, was her first shelter.

The dainty creature at the age of 6 had been sent by a very Independent Mother, to a private Catholic school. There English had become the everyday routine mixed with the "Clergy-World".

What a World! It was made of thousands of contradictions: money and poverty, cruel and holy souls, black and grey, sweet and too sweet.

She lived richness and was asked to help poor people without scratching the golden surface she was in to learn. To learn and to live disharmony.

Then came laurels. One bright afternoon the University had given her a high recognition: the Degree for Life. But not for the Life she wanted.

The young woman had to face reality. She hadn't been allowed to achieve the podium of the Writing Realm. Since, at that Time, so Conservative indeed,  only the Italian élite had the right to express, she had been obliged to suffocate her true will.

She banned thoughts and ran away, postponing the battle.

The love for languages and her readings helped her express flawless perplexities.

Surrounded by wolfs and human blizzards she rescued herself like a white tiger does in cold snow and ice.

Selfishly she jumped on the victim: the World.

  Chapter Two

For many years... Emanuela had been studying Marketing, History, Sociology, Psychology, her Relatives' limits and Virtues, and her Friends' victories and sad defeats.

She bravely faced the world of "Why people do something" with all her strength.

Directly with professional "connoisseurs" nothing had been left aside, she had analyzed all to the core, to tears, and as a Phoenix she rescued herself and flew higher.

She knew how to deal with emotions.

She knew how to understand people's emotions.

She perfectly knew how to write about emotions with an honest touch.

The same touch sometimes historians and journalists paint with, and the same that preserves many lives.

On a windy May  at the age of 30 a drop of colorful paint had fallen on Emanuela's Atlas. A thick magic drop had captured the Ocean.

She cleaned the surface and discovered underneath a Statue holding the torch of enlightenment, of freedom, of emigration, of dreams and skyscrapers.


Changed herself, put a new skin on and decided to leave. Opened her purse, the money was little but like a starving eagle she flew as fast as she could and found herself in London.

First class for a second choice. Reality gave the fatal blow on the lit torch in her heart.


The proper qualities of youth included intellectual alertness, a desire to experiment. So the second choice had been picked and exploited to the maximum capability for a greedy  achievement.

Chapter Three

With the passage of seasons ... the enriched woman went back to her roots  rushing over a very calm English Channel.


She was feeling the healthiest, happiest, wealthiest and snappiest person on the face of the earth. "I am the leader of my Refreshed Existence" she said to herself proudly.

She opened the spotted Atlas, left aside for many years and smiled looking at the Ocean.

A fire burned her Caput Mundi and lit the torch once faded in her heart.

The strong woman had been rescued by a city facing the Sea. Was that a sign? Freedom was still conceivable and achievable.

Dressed in black ink and with the whitest complexion, a figure appeared in front of her and gently said "I am the Gray Lady, Queen of Knowledge, I know You had been searching for me All your Life and Here I Am. Are you prepared for leaving chaos in your wake?"

The implications of that Regal question were too obvious for a lengthy reaction.

Chin up she answered: "Yes, I am."

First class choice for a happy second life.


                                    Emanuela Clari 

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