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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                                 NOV. 18, 2017

P r o l o g u e

W H A T    I S    E B O L A

ALSO KNOWN     EVD         Ebola Virus Disease

ALSO KNOWN     EHF         Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever



 VIRUS NATURAL RESERVOIR : believed to be  F R U I T   B A T S

T h e   A t t a c k



Direct contact with body fluids of infected people or wild animals   (such as blood or secretions)

from 2 days to 3 weeks after contracting the virus

(usually in this order):

-  high fever 39°

-  sore throat

- muscular pain

- headaches

- vomiting

- diarrhea

- rash

- decreased function of the liver and kidneys

- bleeding internally and externally

- death (up to 90%)

W h e n   &  W h e r e

T H E    O U T B R E A K S

PRESUMED ORIGIN:  Marburg Virus 

same symptoms like Ebola

1st described 1967

Marburg and Frankfurt  - Germany

and Belgrade  - Yugoslav

1st  outbreak named as E B O LA    1976  

in Zaire today Democratic Republic of the Congo


28.616 cases

11.310 died

10.000 survivors

Wearing Protective clothing is essential, vital.

Adequate Training for Health-care Workers is a must.

African health system needs funds for appropriate devices.

Knowledge is required against unhealthy  customs.

G o o d   N e w s !


from the W.H.O.  : World Health Organization 

1  JUNE     2016        declared the end of Ebola virus transmission in the Republic of Guinea

9  JUNE     2016        declared the end of Ebola virus transmission in Liberia and Sierra Leone

2  JULY      2017        declared the end of Ebola virus transmission in the Democratic Republic of Congo

M o r e   G o o d   N e w s !!

In the magnificent Africa, in the Republic of Liberia, Dr Jerry Brown is fighting against Ebola with all his strength sharing obstacles and representing many other heroines and heroes like him who are, every single day, facing the death.

Liberian Surgeon Doctor Jerry Brown, Medical Director of the ELWA II Hospital (Eternal Love Winning Africa Hospital) and its ETU (Ebola Treatment Unit) in Monrovia, is an inspiring example for many.

A Humble Hero who refers to his patients on FPA (Front Page Africa) Web TV during an interview in 2014 "these are my lovely patients..." adding "we share tears...".

Despite Liberia's Health System need for more funds to sustain the great demand of medical cures and assistance, despite the difficulty to enlarge adequate medical training and procedures for all health care workers and citizens, despite the deeply-rooted and risky traditional burial rituals to be  substituted by safe burial methods, despite general panic among the population for years, despite many escape from Ebola "the beast without mercy", despite fear, despite the extremely high possibility of being captured by the beast and despite the up to 90% risk of dying...Dr Jerry Brown and his team haven't given up.

Dr. Jerry Brown was recently awarded the L.O.O.P. (Leader Overcoming Obstacles to Peace) by founder Ebenezer Norman of #NDHOPE (A New Dimension of Hope charity) at the renowned Regis University in Denver, Colorado, USA, on the 3rd of June 2017, side-by-side with Goodwill Ambassador Philanthropist Kimberly Moore, founder of the "Kimberly Moore Foundation" Best known for adopting the needs and wishes of over 50,000 underprivileged children around the world and now working to build a series of “Girl Friendly” schools in Liberia. Her foundation was also recently awarded the 2017 TOP-RATED Nonprofit Award for the 2nd year in a row.

Dr Jerry Brown with his team has saved from Ebola millions of lives fighting 24h non stop for years before feeling safer from other virus attacks and outbreaks.


Millions because Ebola is not only about Africa but it's about the world. A Viral Hemorrhagic Fever, with fast aggressiveness, terrible symptoms and with a stubborn strength to spread at a great rate without hesitation and very little mercy on holders.

Liberian Dr Jerry Brown, with his professional skills, years of studies and the courage on his side, has grabbed Ebola as an enemy to be fought with intelligence and patience. Fear and alarm aren't in his list. Knowledge and determination are his musts.

Loop Awarded Dr Jerry Brown

ELWA II HOSPITAL, in Monrovia, Liberia, Africa

Health Care workers

Adequate means of transport sometimes are not available

Medical Workers and Volonteers are doing their best. the risk of dying is extremely high.

Loop Award for Dr Jerry Brown, Denver, Colorado Usa

Dr Jerry Brown with Goodwill

ambassador Kimberly Moore

"Dr Jerry Brown with his team has saved from Ebola millions of lives...

...millions because Ebola is not only about Africa but the World..."

 Ebenezer Norman founder of the ND Hope, in Liberia.

Dr. Jerry Brown, Ebenezer Norman and Kimberly Moore plan to work together to help bring education to children living in some of the most impoverished villages of Africa. Dr. Jerry Brown is a huge advocate for education as he is only 1 of 4 surgeons in the entire country. Jerry Brown says education is important because they are in urgent need of more doctors and they cannot achieve this if children do not have access to schools!

And now as if talking directly to You dear Doctor Brown, a little message from TheMagazyne...


"Wishing you All the Best for gaining the goals you have decided to conquer, and giving all our strength to Help Spreading Your New Projects,

we leave you today Asking the World for lending a hand now,

in anything You need.



And of course we do Thank You for the everyday Humble Hero you are,

Thank You for the Man who hasn't been scared by the beast Ebola,

Thank You for the Courage you passed to hundreds of People,

and most of All ...Thank You for All those lives you have saved,

for those you are saving this right moment

and for all those ones who will be rescued

by the best qualities gathered in one Human Being :

professional skills, humility , determination and true love for people.

The World owes you a lot.

TheMagazyne will be always ready for you, Dr Jerry Brown, for Liberia and for All those countries where people are suffering and in need for our commitment and immediate help."

"A Special Thank to Baroness Kimberly Moore for having shared with me the existence on this planet of such a Unique Hero"

"Compliments to an inspiring University, the Regis University in Denver Colorado, led by  Father John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J, where real-world experience is really brought into students' life. "

Emanuela Clari De Julis, founder of TheMagazyne

​Emanuela Clari De Julis, founder of TheMagazyne

Thanks to all readers

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