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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                                     MARCH 11, 2017

At his Best, always at his Best, Roberto Bolle has conquered, with his professional attitude, not only the entire world of those people who enjoy and admire the Ballet but also those who never entered a Theater in their lives.

The need for regular and exhausting exercise seem to have been not a limit to Mr Bolle's life, on the contrary, they have been pure strength and his smash in life.

Everyone "works out" in the normal activities of daily life, many trains as strong-willed athletes do and some others live with and for their "sport", but of course it is not enough to achieve the sky and the stars.

Italian"ballerino" Roberto Bolle exercises at least 6 hours per day.

He plans his program carefully, he is very precise and constant.

Let's face it, he detains the most important three qualities of successful people plus one: beauty.

The kind of beauty that ancient Greek defined and explained so well giving statues the right to show perfection.

It can't be denied Roberto Bolle's body does represent perfection.

And not only his muscles and bones are in a very good shape but they all respond to his natural orders and act as he wants them to act.

How can he ask a muscle to be lighter? How can he not even think of what to order and the body responds like professional hands on a pianoforte playing eyes shut the most difficult piece composed by the most articulated musician?

That's him. Everything seems natural.

The whole body-plot and skills make such a great impact on the audience.

30 minutes standing ovation in 2007 performing for the first time with the most important company in the world, the American Ballet Theatre, at the ballerina Alessandra Ferri's farewell performance, depicts exactly what is the effect he does on theatergoers every time he dances.

His performances appear so trouble-free and fluent onto the music.

But if we only dared to think of jumping or moving in the same way he does in front of the public and at rehearsals, or even dream of doing less than that, we would have certainly a clear result and would admit that what he habitually executes is not easy at all.

We perfectly know that exercise at any age has beneficial effects, but honestly, Roberto Bolle has reached, at his 42, the apex of health, athletic skills and professional attitude.

On top of that, he always adds to the picture one very important virtue for dancers: the light-flying-style.

One Pirouette, then another, one more and "voilà" the "Grand jeté", he is above our heads, leaving us with our chins up, opened-mouths and breath kept.

And there You are flying with him.

It's not about jumping, going back on the wooden stage and then back to the choreography.

It's more about emotions.

It's extremely fatal, while watching him to be part of the dancing, the strong feeling he leaves on the stage becomes yours.

Those gestures, those jumps, those "round de Jambe en l'air" are talking about the story he is performing, they are not mere athletic movements.

No efforts are shown. No changed expressions for tiresome, are visible on his face. No muscles are exempted. But also No emotions are left aside.

Eyes brighten, posture defined, a glow to the skin with necessary stage-make-up on, a reflection of vigor and Roberto Bolle, steps back, after having flown perfectly on the stage, in front of the "ballerina" who he gently approaches to his cheek and go on, and on dancing till the applause can't be detained anymore and people are conquered to the bones.

Not at all a simple coincidence that the "etoile" Rudolf Nureyev, had chosen Roberto Bolle to interpret Tadzio in the ballet Death in Venice.

Roberto at that time was only 15 years old.

Began at the age of 7 in a local ballet school, accepted at "La scala Theater" in Milan, Italy and never stopped since then. Today he is a freelance dancer for the most significant ballet companies and theaters in the world.

He is also the creator of "Bolle & Friends Gala", the most original proposal of ballet performances in particular and unusual atmosphere using locations normally not typical for the ballet requirements such as the Colosseum in Rome, Duomo Square in Milan, the famous San Marco Square in Venice and at the Arena in Verona where Ballet for example had been absent for 19 years.

A man who shows more than a stubborn identity is waiting for us, very soon, at the magnificent Opera Theater in New York, the MET.

On Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd June 2017, Roberto Bolle will transform himself in the arrogant and selfish dandy from St Petersburg, Eugene Onegin.

Must get a ticket to fly.

Soon at the MET in New York
20 and 22 June 2017
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