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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                JANUARY  10 ,  2022

It was the 1932 and the roots of a gigantic ice-cream oak had been set into a well nourished soil of yummy flavored frozen cream by a determined Italian lady called Regina Roncadin.


From the northern Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia she departed for a better future to Germany where to let Italian nostalgic mood, and German taste and curiosity, to be fulfilled by the unique flavor of the well known typical Italian ice-cream.


To humble dreams, like Regina planted, there came in 1968 to join her other very determined family members, firstly her brave 16 year-old nephew Edoardo, and then her other two nephews Renzo and the youngest Ciro , who to frozen ice-cream roots added some more ingredients which had been and still are Roncadin's worldwide success: Italian style fresh and frozen pizzas.

Then in the not so far 2016 big names in the food industry, R&R and Nestlé, began to be part of the growth not only of Roncadin's humble roots but also supporter and partners of well developed branches, frozen successful leaves and yummy acorns made of extremely high quality ingredients and passion for their nation flavors.


Those strong alliances and mutual goals easily brought to the birth of another strong oak specialized in all kind of delicious ice-cream: the Froneri company. Which with passion and stubbornness spread 46 unique world-wide branches such as Kit-Kat, Maxibon-Nestlé, Cadbury Ice-cream, Haagen-dazs, Scholler ice-cream and our favorite Nuii!


Nuii among all the other has smashed completely the attention.


Would you ever believe that while tasting and enjoying a Nuii wild ice-cream you are actually helping the Wild World growth and health?

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In fact what let us favorably surprised is that there's much more behind Froneri's icy curtains , attractive chocolates crunchy surfaces and creamy fillings.


Since 2020, in partnership with Wild Ark organization and Ehra, the Nuii's company while searching all around the globe “for the most interesting ingredients to evoke a feeling of adventure”, as stated in their web site, they “collaborate with global adventurers who are exploring the world in an authentic and immersive way” so to be the creator of the splendid #Nuiipeaceproject with the aim to protect “our environment and the people who live there” as “integral to their mission” and to practically “help protect the world's most fragile ecosystems and support local communities.”.


Their words are supported by facts. That makes a huge difference and honor.


The Nuii's first project in defense of the world's inhabitants had been held in 2020 in Arango, a region situated in Namimbia, Africa, where people had to daily survive to water supply “robbery” by elephants.


It's enough to highlight that “elephants-raid can leave a subsistence community without water for years.”


So to avoid the disappearing of humans or elephants in that area and to establish instead a co-existence between communities and the huge mammals, Nuii, the Wild Ark organization and Ehra supported and built up educational centers “run by local people” (as we still grab from their web site), so to spread to the communities more knowledge about elephants behavior and how to positively face them.


It's not the end though, in fact, to all the above mentioned, Nuii's project went further “providing the local community to help build and install 40 solar water pumps across the region to replace the current diesel fueled pumps that require payment to gain access” and assuring instead “free access to water to communities and elephants” as well !! “relieving the pressure of competition” and assuring a long lasting co-existence between them and especially respecting both rights to survive and live properly their beloved environment.


Froneri is sincerely more than a company selling ice-cream. It is for an ispiring group of wise people who to look at.


They have proven to be not only mindful about nutrition but mindful in understanding that our future counts, that the respect for our environment and its inhabitants counts and that we must be realistic and practical to making positive facts.


What a real adventure we are all part of while tasting delicious Froneri's ice-creams, we are actually part of it and it feels good.


We wish the best to a company like Froneri is. And we do compliment Mrs Regina Roncadin and her family members who long time ago had the courage to plant sweet frozen oak's seeds for a huge successful yummy future.

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To All of You Well done ! 

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