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T H E   B A R C O L A N A
By    EMANUELA CLARI                                                          Saturday  6 October, 2018

What an extraordinary, spectacular, worldwide event is waiting for us on Sunday the 14th of October!!! in Trieste, Italian city in Friuli Venezia Giulia,  where Mrs “Bora” (an extremely strong wind) is the Queen,  and a dark blue, transparent Adriatic sea is the King.

Both are ready in their best suits to welcome aboard thousands of Special Hosts: enthusiastic People from all around the globe.

The city of Trieste and its very sport orientated inhabitants,  will host, in two weeks time, an international and historic “regata” called The Barcolana.

Fifty years ago, in 1968, as wonderfully depicted by Francesco Antonini in his book "Barcolana, lo spirito di Trieste tra mare e Carso",  11 young and inexperienced founders and few friends, put the first essential and so important seeds of the Barcolana.


For their boldness, persistence, and inspiring actions  they all  deserve to be mentioned once more : Albano Zini building contractor, Elio Parladori railway worker, Stelio Spangaro and Francesco Cressini both mechanics, Giorgio Furlani dock worker, Italo Sardo travelling salesman, Dario Cavazzon bank clerk, Giulio Sovrano and Erminio Prelissini both teachers, Domenico Veronese doctor,  Pino Tromba wine salesman, Claudio Boldrini and Rodolfo De Mattia first young members and Dino Stefani and Pompeo Sartori two of the first judges. 


They all hadn't given any thought to the future success of their ideas.


They all hadn't considered the "followers" but just lived their present moment having for the first regatta in 1969 only 51 participants and never gave up for each season despite the ups and downs of participants and the unfavorable traditional thinkers.

Without a proper forecast they call their creature   "The Autumn Cup", being held in Autumn.

All of a sudden and by chance, during the first years of promotion of the event, from an advertising motto "andemo a far la Barcolana", let's go to participate at the Barcolana, it came the so well known expression "The Barcolana" which nowadays distinguishes clearly the event.

Barcolana anchors its roots into the name Barcola, which corresponds not only to the area where today the race has its start, but it corresponds also to the name of that same area, where the 11 pioneers put into action their adventurous ideas, despite the difficulties, such as the lack of electricity so necessary for the adjustments and cleaning of the boats.

Their brand new revolutionary rules affirmed and gave credit to an open regatta participation to all kind of boats, fighting against the common elite yachting rules and rating of that time.

Step by step their passion and stubbornness made the difference and won.

Nowadays the Barcolana has become an international event that takes place regularly every second Sunday of October, know what?... every single year it's like the first time.

The expectations are enormous. On the 14th October.... there we are : “Hoist the Sails” !

The Barcolana is now one of the most crowded regattas in the world both for participants and spectators. The city of Trieste becomes a "village" by the sea where cars and other means of transport will be better and surely avoided by the majority, to give space to the relaxing walking and cycling choices. 

Last year they beat the record of participants. Let's see what happens this year, 2018, that celebrates also its 50th year experience in the so articulated organization of such a unique event like this.

Many conferences, concerts, entertainments for all tastes have been organized to crown the event and the celebration. They will cover a very large lap of time. Be ready to have fun for two long weeks from now all around the city.

More over in the not so far Muggia, a splendid little town on the coast, its two harbors might be necessary, and are ready to host some of the many expected sailing boats with their crews which can't wait to compete the “wet race” on Sunday. Nobody will remain dry on those boats, that's for sure.

The Barcolana is not only for professional, skilled, courageous sailors! Not at all. It's about a meeting and an opportunity opened to any sailing lover. And it doesn't matter either, if the boat is crowded by a crew at its apex in number or just managed by two people.

No problem at all if your sailing boat is short or long. Everybody (of course owning a boater education certificate!) is absolutely welcome aboard.

Are you not in the mood of putting yourself so deeply involved?! Perfect just participate from the hundreds of spots all around the Gulf of Trieste, and dive your eyes and heart in one of the most beautiful view, ever experienced.

The emotion of hundreds of sailing boats, caressing or fighting with the wind, sliding on the waves or cutting through salty transparent water, with their mostly white sails in contrast with a splendid dark blue sea and sky, ...well... will enchant you:

It will leave to your soul a sure sensation of peace.

That special moment (that I've personally already experienced) will give you the sensation that people are all looking for the same things: to experience joy, tranquility, cooperation, peaceful participation, passion for fair competition, passion for freedom, optimism, love for a positive attitude to life.

Just staring at that precise moment when all the sailing boats are all together in the middle of the sea gives to the spectator much more than a simple sailing race. Much more.

As if the entire world had the same wind blowing, the same white and blue, the same smiling faces, the same children happy and excited while admiring the sailors, women and men, girls and boys in their waterproof sailing suits.

As if the same peace of mind could become a worldwide expansion, as if that energy used for such a positive purpose was everywhere at the same time.

What a “regata” for “souls” either than for “sailors”.

Either aboard a sailing boat pulling wires or by the shore drinking your soda while admiring the show, the thing you will be assured of is the pure emotion of the uniqueness of such a peaceful “sport” event.

Nothing can compete with the uniqueness of the "Barcolana”. Take your time to google for more about it. Take your time to organize yourself maybe next year and to actively participate at one of the most appealing regatta in the world.

Let the elegant Italian blue sea welcome your Soul  and the thousands of smiling people around you engage your Spirit into a fantastic memento. Let The Barcolana make you feel the wind blowing happily among your hair.

And let it leave you, deeply into your life, that super energetic mood and braveness you will surely find, both gathered, under a magnificent blue sky.

Without forgetting the founders of this event as an inspiring source, let's take action and be persistent in any of our dreams. Let's hoist the sails to a unique experience : The Barcolana.

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