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Dear World made of Human Beings & Dear Universe,

I opened my eyes and dark was the color that surrounded me. I moved to find my mother's hand and breast and I only felt instead something cold made of plastic stuck on my naked blue body.


I moved again to find my father's figure and smile but I only felt colder.

I could hear around me so many voices, some warm and gentle some not, saying that I had been abandoned.




What have I done to be left alone among litter?

I was born harmless.

I could hear one strong voice adding to the others that someone had the intention to kill me.


Be killed?


What have I done to disappear from Earth ? What could I have done if left alive on my designed track on this Wonderful Planet?

This is Esperanza a newborn baby girl, found in a black trash bin bag who survived .

With identity established by my Soul and recognized by my eyes I can see now some gratifying changes taking place around me. But I need to scream for more.

My name is Esperanza, I was born in a city called Heart where my big new born expectations were sure to be heard. Love, Education, Joyful days and nights, Respect and, much, much more were there to hug me and support me.

All of a sudden Heart had disappeared giving space to an environment made of negative mood, days lightened by pessimism, nights surrounded by violence, where Respect had lost its basic values.

At first It may come as a shock to realize that there is only one of Us on earth, that we are unlike anyone else.


Our identity exists. It's strong.

It ought to be our most valued possession.

One day I discovered I was not alone.Many friendly voices were telling me their stories.


My identity had been abandoned in front of a door.

My identity had been put in a corner of a small house.

My identity  had been left without answers.

My identity had been captured by lack of self-esteem.

My identity had been surrounded by anger and slaps.

My identity had been destroyed by arrogance.

My identity had been deprived of any benefit.

My identity had been abused by money rescuers.

My identity had been used for enriching funds of sadness.

My identity had been the result of selfishness.

My identity had been badly transformed by society's prejudice.

My identity had been never listened.

My identity had been obliged to silence.

My identity had been considered wrong by gods of different names and habits.

My identity had been robbed by unprofessional psychiatrists.

My identity had been fed by lying hands.

My identity had been suddenly killed.

My identity had never had the occasion to say out loud what had happened.


We got trapped by our blindness.


Esperanza is my name and I was born in a city called Heart.


I have to do something myself.


I have to take the direction of personal , good, creative intentions.


Good Intentions to be transformed into Good Facts.


I have personally to represent a compelling hold on your attention.


My life talks to You.


Abandon  any  dangerous nonsense.

I hope to be, at first glance, recognized as the first nonconformist builder and inhabitant of a newborn city where Peace it is its basement, Love its daily fresh air and Respect the chosen people's embrace.


I am Esperanza and nobody can change my Name and My Identity.

Immense Universe made of Hidden Love, I know You are listening, I know you will face this situation in a short time, I know you will give an answer to this shout made of million of innocent babies' voices like mine,

Your faithfully and With Pure Love ,


Your faithfully and With Pure Love ,Esperanza

Letter to the World...

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