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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                                FEBRUARY 17, 2018

No civilization has ever managed to survive the mental softening of its people at the sight of a star. Either a star in the sky or the perfumed pop star from Los Angeles. We are knocked down by stars' magnetism.  It has been proved, by social repeated customs in centuries, that no one can resist to feel overwhelmed at the presence of a star.

Chin up, with feet sunk into Saharan sand, who doesn't remain astonished looking at the constellation of bright lamps shining above us?  Or who can deny the strong power any person with star qualities exert on us? From music, theater to politics and physics, a Star is always a Star. It will attract without any doubt all participants.


Let's face it. We all run for our spot in the sky. Or probably we all should.


Why not? Feeling bright is much better than feeling blue and depressed in our dark corner.


Personal achievements in a family contest? You are a star!

Yesterday passed an exam at University? You are a star!

Sang in front of millions of fans? You are a star!

Thousands of options and tracks can lead us to become a Star. The brightest Star of all: ourselves.

Thousands of cities around the world offer you the possibility to distinguish yourself and become the Star of your dreams. But there's one place that is currently overtaking many others. The sale of millions of flight tickets from all different countries in the world seems to prove it. New York has won the first place for people who want to shine. The list of opportunities, services, companies and places in New York that can open the door to a brightest sky, it is endless.

TheMagazyne has chosen for you today three very interesting options where some particular

Star qualities are brought out and implemented to last forever.

Are you aiming to become a Star in an original Sports Field? Why not considering flying trapeze! TheMagazyne has find out the right place where your dreams can come true. Just apply now at the New York Trapeze School, actually the largest company in the world of flying trapeze created by Jonathon Conant, Anne Brown and David Brown.


Step by step you will learn how to fly in the sky like a star swinging on a trapeze, shining happily on a Spanish Web, laughing with your friends on trampoline and feeling stronger for the acrobatics learned. Your self-esteem will reach the apex.


And even if you will never share your new born passion for the trapeze (well why should it be hidden) and your progress will be kept secret in your heart, you will be holding tight your new identity in any occasion of your life. The incredible experience of such a school must give a vital energy and pride that will be shown from the entire new you. “Have I done those incredible acrobatics?” “Have I swung at that height?” “Yes, I have” will be the answer. And of course your gentle self-esteem will thank you and tell you “You are a Star”.

Everyday people from all walks of life could do this activity” says David Brown on the New York Trapeze School's web site. Let's give credit to a professional. Of course let's take all our precautions to be sure that our body can follow our dreams. Done that, ready, steady... go. Let's be Stars on a flying trapeze in New York!!

Not very convinced with the Sports Field constellation? No problem, let's take a seat and relax at the New York University. There's such a variety of programs there, that to find a class to suit your star qualities will be the easiest thing you've ever done.

To mention very few of them, you could apply from Bilingual Education to Business Administration, from Contemporary Art to Neurology. Or you could try the Cybersecurity course or the Game Design program. It's a matter of a click on their Academic Program and the deal it's done. Well partially done. What about fees? A serious problem for our present and future generations.

It's nice to see that the New York University is trying to do its best to open the doors of knowledge to a wider variety of future stars!

In fact, it has been created recently (a little bit more than a year ago), by the new President of the University Mr Andrew Hamilton (on duty from March 2015), the Affordability Steering Committee and Working Group.


The Committee is there “to spearhead additional efforts to make studying at NYU more affordable for more students..” as stated on the university's website, by President Hamilton. Adding “a group will engage the whole University community to explore a wide range of ideas and strategies. Simultaneously, a Working Group, composed principally of administrators responsible for major operational units, will foster and catalyze findings.

Sounds great! I believe everything is possible. So why not take advantage of this initiative and be part of it with new ideas, suggestions and much more.


Can you beat this?

For academic year 2017–18, we are pleased to hold the overall cost of attendance to 2.3% for tuition, room and board, and fees, compared to typical increases in recent years of 3.5 to 3.9%.” Well done!!

In all, nearly $10 million in savings have been identified in energy, procurement and information technology services. The removal of landline telephones in residence halls, in combination with infrastructure efficiencies in several centralized data centers, contributed to about $1 million in savings for the next fiscal year.”  Perfect!

In March 2016, President Hamilton announced that NYU student wages will increase to $15 an hour, to be phased in by the 2018–2019 academic year.”  A progress!

Beginning in the fall of 2017 the School of Professional Studies, in collaboration with the Wasserman Center and school academic advisors, will open up its entire catalog of non-credit courses to NYU juniors and seniors — at no cost to them.” Well done again!!

Moreover “The Steering Committee and Working Group took those concerns to heart and pledged to reduce the cost of course materials by 50%.” Would be amazing!!

And these are only some of the many other projects that have been considered at the New York University. ( Check this link for more details :

It feels so uplifting just to know that something good and concrete is happening. Or it's rewarding only to think  that a group of people is aiming to achieve something for general benefit. Usually those who constantly try soon or later will achieve their goals. So let's be optimistic.

And of course let's remember that Knowledge is all around us. To be self-taught is amazing too. To make the wish come true, at the very end, it really depends on us. University or not let's  always be independent Stars, aware of our brightness and skills.

Not convinced yet? The trapeze wasn't your cup of tea and the university world isn't meant for you? Well let's not panic or escape our chance of a life time.

Nothing better than breathing some stars qualities and vibrations directly from a place that has hosted every major Star of the past 50 years. Let's get ready for a special night at “The Village Vanguard” in New York. The night is perfect for shining stars like you.

The atmosphere at the Vanguard is simply unique, acoustically and emotionally you will enter in one of the greatest venues in the world.

To feel free to be yourself is essential. To breathe some stars' vibration is vital.

Could be enough one Monday night out and listen to the Jazz Vanguard Orchestra to feel restored and more energetic. As if their music and talent could be poured into your soul and become a new personal life source.

Could be so good to enjoy fantastic guitarist Peter Berstein. Not too impossible. Must find a little time from 20 to 25 of February! Let's hurry up.

If it's not in few days, let's schedule a night out at the Vanguard. Let's write it down and not postpone it. There is something magic in places where Stars are shining talent every single night. No clouds are allowed to block their energy to reach you.

No hesitation, let's get a ticket new yorkers or visitors! Be ready to relax among the stars and become a bright one yourself. Not to be forgotten: give back to musicians and singers the good vibrations you already have: smiling, applauding and sharing your fantastic presence.

Your presence in this beautiful life...counts. Always counts.

New York: let's take action ...Let's be Stars! now!

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