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Competition is hard !!
International Tennis Open Tournaments
All Gold-cup-seekers
"Hot days or extremely freezing ones, nothing can stop an overhead smash to be successful."

But the unhappy truth is that we are, sometimes, expected not to win.

Tennis players since the French King Louis X, in the distant XIII century, have never dispensed themselves from the inclination of winner's eagerness.

And fortunately, for them , nowadays many opportunities are given to tennis professional gold-cup-seekers all over the World and in all seasons of the year.

Hot days or extremely freezing ones, nothing can stop an overhead smash to be successful.


This is what still happens regularly at every annual tennis tournament all around the world, where the competition gets harder every season.


Every year are due very interesting "battles" to watch, and for those very fond of tennis to assist live is even better!


There are always previous season's winners to beat such as the Black Panther, Mrs Serena Williams is one of the most winsome and strongest American Tennis player,  or the Charming Prince of Tennis Mr Andy Murray from Britain. In the crowded doubles the fastest brothers Bob and Mike Bryan and the most determined women Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza.


Each tournament can't be put aside. Many surprising shots have been included by the umpire of pure entertainment.

Adrenaline is always waiting for You all to be watched and breathed.

The best bit is to see live their efforts, their sweating to win and their determination not to lose.


Be part of the Competition is always fun. Try to guess, and guess right,  who is going to succeed and become the Future Winner is so satisfying.


Nobody wants to lose and when a champion plays is so inspiring, like a lesson for life.

Get your tickets to go live, or get your ice-cream, lemonade or pop-corns to follow from home. It is so exciting!!

By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                               MARCH 4, 2017

Nobody wants to lose: competition's hard.

It's abundantly available on television, in the daily press, in magazines and in book form that the most persistent message around us is "Nobody wants to lose".

A somewhat disturbing aspect is our reluctance regarding the mere idea of losing.

In discussions with our closest friends, before the court (of course), at show games, among our colleagues, well mostly everywhere, the word "second" isn't admitted.

The list is endless.

American Serena Williams

         British Andy Murray 

   Vs  Serbian Novak Djokovic           

 French  Jo - Wilfried  Tsonga 

Ekaterina  Makarova &  Elena Vesnina

            Martina Hingis & Sania Mirza


You can make it

Concentrate and

never spare Your strength

"Adrenaline is  always waiting for You All to be Watched and Breathed"
Are you ready to Win??
Nobody wants to lose
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