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TheMagazyne is extremely Honored to have a Special Guest 
Osteopath Dr. Roberta Basile
She deserves Particular Attention for Her Unique Approach to Patients and for Her Persistent and High Professional researches in Medical Science, Osteopathy and Nutrition.
Today is with us  to share with all Mothers the so delicate and vital Breastfeeding World.
"...Mother's Milk is the Perfect Nourishment! ..."

I daily deal with lots of moms with breastfeeding issues, and I love helping them understand the beauty of breastfeeding and to encourage them in choosing something that can change completely and positively their life and especially their baby's life. Yes, The Best's the Breast. 

Breastfeeding is the most fascinating and intelligent form of survival that nature has been able to foresee and perfectly design!

The infant through the mechanics of sucking decides how much milk the mother's neuroendocrine system has to produce. It's a flawless system.  It's the perfect nourishment!

Special Feature Dr Roberta Basile 
Saturday  July 14, 2018
"...Breastfeeding prevents Breast and Ovarian Cancer. ..."

But why does breastfeeding really matter to me? What are the health benefits? If we analyze the advantages for the mother it is important to highlight how breastfeeding prevents breast and ovarian cancer; it is related to the lower risk of bleeding in the postpartum and a lower probability of osteoporosis in menopause.


Breast milk is the most suitable nutritious food for the baby, it is the cheapest and the most easily available.

It reduces babies' incidence of gastroenteritis, protects them from respiratory infections and the risk of developing allergies, increases the probability of having a good eyesight and a better psycho-motor development, ensures adequate intestinal development and reduces the risk of occlusions. Needless to emphasize the benefits related to the relational aspect of the mother-child dyad!

"...reduces babies' incidence of gastroenteritis,
respiratory infections, allergies. Increases good eyesight and
better psycho-motor development..."

According to my experience to start well what I call "the perfect machine" three factors are necessary: ​​KNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT, UNDERSTANDING.


Most women who abandon breastfeeding soon after giving birth do so:  because they do not know how to deal with the first difficulties, they do not appeal to professionals able to help in solving the problems that arise, because they are not supported by family members, who often encourage bottle-feeding with today's formula, which is clearly seen as the easiest way to feed a newborn baby. That's a completely wrong consideration among other things.


Moreover a mother abandons breastfeeding because her frustrations, worries and mood post-partum, have not been understood; especially when the initial difficulties of breastfeeding lead her to feel like an inadequate mother, not up to it!


It is in these cases that you decide to throw in the towel, to give up breastfeeding. As well as being a professional I am a mother who has breastfed and has faced several initial difficulties overcome thanks to the tenacity and the primary desire to give my children and myself this wonderful possibility: feed them through the best milk that can exist ... the maternal one!


I would like that through this article you get a very clear message: TO BREASTFEED IS POSSIBLE, TO BREASTFEED  IS HEALTH!

"...three factors are necessary:  KNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT & UNDERSTANDING..."

What are the most common difficulties that I find dealing with the mothers who come to me? Pain and little milk are the most frequent problems for which I am contacted. Breast-feeding should not hurt and hypogalemia is a fairly rare condition!


Both reflect a common problem: an incorrect attachment to the breast. Also the fissures and mastitis that represent another factor of concern and often cause of renunciation of the breastfeeding, are caused by the same incorrect attachments. Both the fissures and the mastitis can be prevented and even treated in a few days without having to give up breastfeeding.


Another reason for consulting, though a little 'less frequent, is the retraction of the nipples, anatomical conformation that pushes the mothers to give up at the very beginning.


In reality the newborn sucks from the areola and not from the nipple, it is therefore possible to breastfeed also in this case and numerous studies have shown how with the breastfeeding the nipples are reverted and then return intro-flex only at the end of breastfeeding.


Another problem that sometimes occurs in newborns and is a reason for difficulty in starting a suitable breastfeeding, it is an inadequate sucking.

"...often a cause of renunciation to the breastfeeding is an incorrect breast attachment..."

This condition is found in premature babies because the nervous system still does not guarantee a valid suction. In addition to prematurity it can happen that due to a difficult birth, structures such as the occipital condyles of the skull, the occipital-atlantoid articulation and the high cervical spine can suffer compressions such as to alter the passage of nerves appointed to control the movement of the tongue and  the coordination of suction actions. Often in these newborns I find associated manifestations such as myocardial plagiocephaly and torticollis myogenes.


As a neonatal osteopath I can assure that conditions are almost always resolvable with a few sessions of Osteopathy.

" a Neonatal Osteopath
I can assure that conditions
are almost always resolvable
with a few sessions of osteopathy..."

In conclusion, I would like to focus on a fundamental concept: all mothers can breastfeed and they were born to do so.  Rare are the cases where milk is not produced!

There are women who, due to pathological conditions, in which it is necessary to take dangerous drugs for the newborn, are forced to resort to bottle-feeding with the formula milk and in these cases it is the only viable path.


But unfortunately it often happens that a healthy mother decides to renounce breastfeeding just because she does not know more about it, because she is not helped, and because she is not supported or understood!

My goal, as a professional, is to facilitate the whole process, evaluate the breast attachment, identify the presence of sucking dysfunction in the newborn and above all to support, understand, listen to the mothers in their most beautiful moment but also, emotionally,  the most  complicated time of their life!

Osteopath Dr. Roberta Basile treating a 1-month-old baby.

"...My goal, as a professional, is to facilitate the whole process...
but above all to support, understand, listen to the mothers in
their most beautiful moment but also,
emotionally, the most complicated  time of their life!"

Roberta Basile

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