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Has it All to Win the Red Carpet

" R E B I R T H " by T.L. Lewis :

Exclusive interview

Host : Multi-awarded screenwriter Ms  T.L. Lewis

Interviewer:  Emanuela Clari                                               

OCT. 21, 2017

  A    M A S T E R P I E C E  

will be very soon produced.

H o l l y w o o d's  stars are aiming to be part of the cast.


  Sparkling Red Carpets have been long time waiting for

an entry like this from the Film Industry.

Trumpets, dames, and chevaliers are giving their welcome to the new born.  

The perfect combination of words and pictures, characters and story, humanity and love, honor and perseverance.

The title has its own powerful reflection on souls,

it is the sum of an entire life's resonance.



The Future Humanity written in the Past Tense.

The Present History hidden in French Châteaux and Heritage.

The Past Generations dressed in Ancient costumes talking of present days' turmoil. 

AKA:  T E R E S A    L E W I S 

The Screenwriter with an exceptional sixth sense.

An embrace that gives more than tight arms surrounding our body.

REBIRTH touches us with its vigor, let us feel loved, welcomed, protected and

completely immersed in the Epic grandeur.

The whole story is about our own existence.

It's about us.

No veils are allowed to hide suffering.

No joys are avoided, but acclaimed to be breathed entirely.

Splendid dialogues become the uttermost 

where pain and delight are the frame of what living really is...

an Eternal  R E B I R T H

Exclusive interview

“Rebirth” rising from Semi-Finalist to Finalist and then to First Place

to five wins.

Int: Dear Ms. Lewis, TheMagazyne is extremely honored to have such an eminent writer here on our pages and eager to discover the secrets of a wonderful masterpiece of pure art: the screenplay REBIRTH. The title gives immediately a profound message, and it has impressed me at once.  But before going to know all about REBIRTH I really would love to start this interview introducing your person to TheMagazyne's readers. When did you start your adventure in the world of words? and how has the magic world of screenwriting conquered your heart? 


T.L. LEWIS: My first love of words began as a toddler sitting on my mother’s knee as she would read nursery rhymes, stories, and classic poetry. Before age two, she said I could recite verbatim almost any song or story I ever heard...and I also made up my own songs. By the age of seven I recall doing dishes (yes, I really washed dishes at that age:) and I would often stop and dry my hands to write poetry - even then. I learned that flowing water stimulates alpha waves in the brain, and thus begins the flow of creativity. 

My awe of words has only grown with time, and it’s so amazing how 26 letters and a little imagination can create such a variety of works and worlds. When I found the story which became known as REBIRTH it was like my own rebirth, that so moved my heart and soul.


I taught myself screenplay format. I know that many novelists complain of their stories being totally changed by screenwriters, and thus I listened and wrote the screenplay before the novel. I soon learned the true magic in creating a multi-dimensional world from flat, blank pieces of paper. Since then, there has been no turning back, only joy in creation.


Int: Your screenplays production is very diverse. You easily jump from comedy to tragedy, from life to murders, from modern days to past history and to intense and difficult topics like the sufferance a cancer discovery can bring, as you did in “SPI MOM” and in the emotional “DANCING IN THE RAIN”. You have already won the FIRST PLACE at Wildsound Film Festival in Toronto, and FIRST PLACE Audience Choice Award at the Griffin International Film Festival  with  “BEYOND REASON” , a true love story, where two prominent figures of the XVIII century, Emilie Du Chatelet, French natural philosopher, mathematician and physicist, and Voltaire, the revolutionary writer and philosopher, are your not so easy to deal with protagonists. Is the story or the person that pats on your shoulder asking to be recounted? How do you come to a subject on which you savor to spend your time, energy and hours and hours of hard work?

T.L. LEWIS: Above all, I gravitate to stories about people who risk all to change the world for the better, as in REBIRTH. I must also admit what writers will comprehend — that zone in which we are blessed to be transported. We are taken on this creative journey where everything is vividly real, that transcends past and future across time and genre. Although a psychiatrist may think us more crazy than creative. (Their loss. Laughter.) 

Yes, I do often write comedy shorts to escape and can be heard laughing aloud as I type. I actually have a few comedy pilots written. I find it easy to simply write about LIFE. Even in the greatest tragedy, people still have moments of genuine levity and laughter that keeps us alive and gives us hope.  I prefer to create worlds that feel real and relative and even see fantasy in this same realm. 

I also wrote a script as a tribute to my dad’s Powers and Shepard Puritan ancestry called the POWERS THAT BE, which is set in the time of King Phillip’s War, akin to Last of the Mohicans meets The Scarlet Letter, based on a true story with flashes of levity. I found this story few years ago at the Littleton Massachusetts Historical Society when I went to Boston for cancer treatment. I made the best of a bad situation and made it a vacation of sorts and took my parents to Concord. My dad had no idea of his family history beyond the 1900's. We went 3 weeks early and actually stayed in the 300 year old house (now a B&B) that his great Uncle Walter Powers Jr. built. What a JOY.:)  The POWERS THAT BE is a blend of humor as well as an exploration of intolerance, heroism and survival.  


I’m also working on a script about NICOLA TESLA, another one of my heroes, with many twists.  Time travel is exhilarating--my life is never dull!

Yes, Emanuela, you are right, sometimes it is as if that special person is patting me on my shoulder or whispering in my ear— “Don’t let me or my story be forgotten” as I experienced with REBIRTH. It begins with awe and curiosity of their life story or inspiration that is drawn from writings, actions, humility, creativity, and courage.  

In BEYOND REASON with Voltaire and Emilie—I immediately could hear Voltaire’s wit and attempt at reason, and understand Emilie’s brilliance beyond her time. I could feel their passion and their pain. Their love story is much like the one I’ve lived, with ups and downs of being opposites drawn together like a magnet. To write their story was incredibly rewarding, but to see actors perform a staged reading was beyond my expectations. I think Voltaire and Emilie would love it. I wrote it for them.

Int: And now.... let's talk about REBIRTH, FIVE FIRST PLACE AWARDS.!!! ...Big Apple Film Festival, Epiphany Screenwriting contest, Dream Quest, Beaufort International film Festival and The Greenlight Screenplay Contest. And more, REBIRTH has achieved TOP FIVE at European Spiritual Film Festival, TOP FIVE at Hollywood Screenplay competition, TOP TEN  at Creative World Awards, acclaimed by the trade magazines, screenwriters, producers and actors.


T.L. LEWIS: With REBIRTH, I must admit, initially I only entered contests for feedback, so I could tweak any major flaws. I honestly was surprised when I would see “Rebirth” rising from Semi-Finalist to Finalist and then to First Place to five wins. The coverage and accolades of hearing the word “masterpiece” more than once made me realize that others loved the story and shared my passion. 

"...hearing the word "masterpiece" more than once made me realize

that others loved the story and shared my passion. "










Film Festival
















Int: ...would adore to start from the very beginning when you first conceived the idea of REBIRTH, and then decided to let it become real. Tell us more and all the details of that fabulous moment.

T.L. LEWIS: Truly, it felt more like this story that found me, as I was digging deep into genealogy research. I couldn’t stop, like an addiction where I had to know every nuance, from all angles, and to learn as much as possible about these courageous people in this tumultuous time. I often ended up in local college libraries, in ancient French texts and once had to wait for a journal to be translated into English. It was the journal that Margot de Medici wrote as an eye-witness, pertinent to only a tiny portion of the big picture, but I wanted REBIRTH to be as historically accurate as possible from as many viewpoints as i could gather. I also wanted keep the story moving, flowing with action, and relative and inspiring to today’s reader. REBIRTH deals with our frailties, our judgment, our intolerance of others, our fears of death and our search for the meaning of life. 

Rebirth’s overall themes of love, liberty and honor are woven throughout and are as real and relevant today as then. Much like today, our world is contrasted with light and darkness, with hope, despair, tragedy and triumph. Rebirth also shows how hard fought and how fragile our freedom is. This true story is timeless, as it reminds and warns of the perils of unbridled power and ultimately inspires with the true power of love and honor.   

Int: Please honor TheMagazyne's readers to be transported with you into REBIRTH's atmosphere with more details about the plot, the protagonists, place and time directly from your Unique words.

T.L. LEWIS: What I will share is a portion of my introduction for the NOVEL preface. As you know, screenplays are often terse, with more action verbs than flowery adjectives. I will include excerpts from both.   I have yet to share this publicly.


Int: Oh wow thank you Ms Lewis for this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW from REBIRTH on TheMagazyne!


“Through a dim mirror we sometimes catch a glimpse into a distant past and wonder

if we will be remembered at all, or if the way we live our lives

will really make any difference at all.

This may be why we repeat the mistakes of our forefathers

and hand down our own legacy in blind faith with low expectations. 

Likewise, some will say that little remains of the stories left to time,

that they morph into shadowy, subjective illusions void of sharp detail.

Of course, in any century, it is always debatable whether the ideals that spring forth

are lasting or fleeting, if determined by providence or coincidence,

whether they change fate through hearts or minds. 

Most of us are unaware how the sixteenth century in France impacts us

still in the twenty-first century and beyond.

Without this awareness, it is easy to take liberty of

conscience and freedom of speech for granted. 

"Rebirth" was written with this love of liberty in mind,

not only for those who study history or philosophy or enjoy a good love story,

or even one about an undying fight for freedom.

 “REBIRTH: the Cost of Freedom” is all of the above and especially for those

who understand that the past is our present, because it lives within our cellular memories

and in our collective consciousness. 

May this story give you the courage to change circumstances,

even to those who feel love and liberty to be illusive and fleeting.

This heritage of love, honor and freedom is our birthright and belongs to us all.” 


   ONLY for TheMagazyne's readers


Of all the places on Earth, in this land called France,

in this time known as the Renaissance, a rebirth of classic art and literature abounds.

But a  more dangerous and heretical ideal will surface

that of liberty of conscience, of freedom for all.

This concept will seem harmless, but will soon ignite a fire and inspire a fight

that will live on well beyond its time.

This is the Renaissance, both stable and volatile,

where Queen Elizabeth is now on the throne in England,

and King Phillip reigns in Spain.

In the year 1564, Michelangelo takes his last breath

as Shakespeare breathes his first.  

In this era there will be no compromise or rival of appetite for knowledge.

This hunger will be well fed by a press printing classic literature and

creating a literary movement of Latin and

vernacular poetry, music, drama, prose, and fiction 

as well as a black book that will be highest of all on the most banned book list.  

This unquenchable desire for independence brings with it a swift fist

of correction from the powers that be in the form of repression and

callous cruelty.

This is the time when a small group of well educated French aristocrats

will sacrifice fortune and fame for freedom of speech,

as the unbridled forces of church and state plot

to erase them from history forever. 


ONLY for TheMagazyne's readers

"In a world torn between Renaissance and genocide, a womanizing artist finds love that changes his life only to risk it all in a fight for freedom that alters the fate of nations. “REBIRTH” opens in the diffused white light of the Louvre as dappled sunshine dances on masterpieces, highlighting the best of humanity, juxtaposed against the depths of man’s depravity into the grim grays and cobblestone streets of Paris...where the central character, EDMUND CHASTEL, a mere boy of ten years old, witnesses the beheadings of one hundred innocent noble men whose only crime was speaking their minds."

Int: Possible lead roles?

T.L. LEWIS: Yes, the producers and I definitely have a FEW actors in mind for key roles, and for the roles of Edmund and Genevieve. One example is Alex Pettyfer, a British actor who normally plays "the bad boy" but in an interview he joked that his mother wants him to break free from that mold. Edmund would be a perfect transition as a womanizing artist who is transformed by love that changes his life.

Gabriella Wilde is also an up and coming English actress, with a great resume. She stars along Alex in the film ”Endless Love"  Their chemistry is superb. Also, if you have yet to see #POLDARK on Masterpiece Theater, it is a must see, even my husband watches it with me. Gabriella plays Caroline who makes her debut in Season 1, episode 3. She truly has a classic talent. Gabriella was also Constance in THE MUSKETEERS alongside Orlando Bloom. The film made over 124 MIL worldwide.


Since we are still negotiating financing and paperwork, we have yet to contact either of their agents — so if anyone reading this knows them or their agents, it would be good to put a “bug” in their ears to get this award winning script in their hands. We will also be doing casting calls for many of the lead roles. Once paperwork is complete, pre-production will be begin. The only thing for sure in this business, is that it is an emotional roller coaster. You have to love it and fortunately - I do.

Int: REBIRTH is surrounded by the Renaissance’s beliefs, thoughts, dialogues, battles and wills.  How did you immerse so well in that period of time?


T.L. LEWIS: As I discovered French ancestry from both my parents going back before the 16th century, I felt as if I tapped into my own cellular memories in particular to this time, place and people. I also decorated one of my spare bedrooms with everything French. 

As I wrote, I would play film soundtracks, such as Ever After,Casanova, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Angels and Demons, and others. I would even diffuse lavender as I wrote. The music truly helped to transport me to the moods of the Renaissance with all its contrast and conflict, from the the heights of humanity into the depths of man’s depravity. I discovered we have changed very little in the 21st Century, and that we share so our dreams of a better world, our love for our children, to see our families safe and our freedom intact.

Int: There are always two statements that are very often repeated “For the Sake of Love” and “For the Sake of Honor”. What are their extended and more profound meanings in the story and what do they signify to you?


T.L. LEWIS: First, I must say that films about honor and justice deeply appeal to me, akin to one of my all time favorites, BRAVEHEART. To me, these themes of love and honor are more than cliches, more than words, but invoke actions that take place in pure hearts, a catharsis of character away from anger or apathy to love and honor, to be willing to stand up for a cause greater than self.


However, unlike William Wallace in “Braveheart” who has nothing left to lose, whose motives are revenge, freedom and ultimate honor, the true to life heroes of REBIRTH have everything to lose, wealth, renown, power, and families that love them. Not to repeat myself nor to imitate, but these 'bravehearts’ are willing to give up all, to risk their vast estates and their very lives, for the cause of honor and the cost of FREEDOM for all. 



ONLY  for TheMagazyne's readers

Set: Château de Condé  - France - XVI century


Genevieve and Edmund are in deep concentration at the chess table.

Most of Edmund's pieces are off the board. 

             GENEVIEVE  (grinning)

I'm supposed to let you win. Check. 



Then, I suppose you wouldn't be Genevieve and I wouldn't trust you so much.


This moment reminds me of when I was a little girl. I was so confident. I thought I knew everything.

Genevieve rises and gazes out the window.


I used to sit with my Father atop the cliffs of Deippe. We could see the entire town, the ocean, the castle and the churches below. All that beauty, and instead I would dream of other places.

She stretches and walks toward the fireplace.


I have yet to learn patience or contentment. I'm still learning how truly precious every moment is.

Edmund appears dazzled.  She is different.


Have you ever questioned why the names of men who commit horrors linger, but men of honour are soon forgotten? 


Perhaps we confuse honour with fame. 


Genevieve stokes the fireplace and holds up the red hot poker.


Honour is not like hot metal that shines, yet we cannot truly shine without it.  


She pulls down a black book from the well stocked shelf.  



This good book promises that one day "they shall beat their swords into plow shares, and their spears into pruning-hooks, and they will not learn war anymore."

She turns around and finds Edmund admiring her.


War, like fame, appears to be a false glory.


Edmund inhales and exhales with nervous emotion.


Life seems to give us only two choices. We choose love or we choose fear. What is it that you fear?

Edmund bows his head as he relives his painful childhood memory… in FLASHBACK. We see what he threw into the air were not stones.



That day, I threw the seeds of my faith to the wind. I questioned the value and meaning of honour.  

Genevieve kneels beside him, taking his hand in hers. 



I'm so sorry.  You lost your faith.  



I lost my faith in humanity…

Both are lost in one another’s eyes as tears fall from both.


I vowed to live, but I didn't know, until now, that I was not living but only running from pain. 


His eyes are sad, but different; less cynical. Genevieve squeezes his hand with affection.

Alex Pettyfer

Gabriella Wilde

Int: The humanity gravitating in REBIRTH, though so distant in time, it is so modern. You created such a timeless atmosphere. A sky where the stars, that watched and hung above Edmund's and Geneviève's  heads,  are now the same stars ready to enlighten our future. As if that perpetual celestial heaven were regularly giving a sense of an expected pre-established rebirth.  Do you believe in pre-designed history where Human Beings'  fragility and strength are scheduled as musts of our life? Or will our history be challenged one day by our mind-set?


T.L. LEWIS: Your description is truly awe inspiring and evocative of several scenes, blanketed by the stars above and in the depth of emotion within. Much like us, often floundering to find their place in time and their purpose in life. I feel that you absolutely do comprehend the connections and the collective consciousness that binds us all. I see the starlight that is just now reaching earth from thousands of light years away and know that 500 years ago, these true to life characters stood under the same constellations, with the same hopes, fears and dreams and they are part of us still. 

Personally, I prefer to think that there is a divine purpose, that we all have choices, that this life is not all there is and that we are all on our own “heroes journeys” traveling through time to learn non-judgment and unconditional love.

Int: Behind the curtains of a successful screenplay there's always passion, very long time spent on researches, studies, places to visit around the world where to breath the intense flavour of  the future set of your imagination, there is fatigue, maybe moments of discourage or of innermost silence. What have characterized the creation of REBIRTH?


T.L. LEWIS: Honestly, passion for this project is an understatement. lol:) Literally, every moment of the day and night for many months from research to creating their world that now surrounded me, I lived and breathed this amazing story that found me and led me to the Renaissance and my own rebirth. I have probably spent over 10,000 hours in research, writing and rewriting, much because I never wanted to leave. I kept lingering as I truly loved these characters and am even more determined to bring them to life on the big screen. Few comprehend the work, the long hours it takes to get a film made. When I think of how difficult the feat, I remember their courage and perseverance and it keeps me inspired. 

Int: About the Chateau de Condé in France. Why have you chosen that castle as the headquarter of the movie scenes? 


T.L. LEWIS: I was enthralled with the courage of the Prince de Conde, before I realized there was a Chateau de Conde (where the Prince lived and where much of the story takes place.) I wrote the first draft of the script, before I knew the Chateau was not only standing, but under the care and preservation of the owner Aymeri Rochefort. Aymeri actually gives tours and hosts events and weddings there. It is a magical place. 

Everything I had written about, when I saw them online, from the grounds to the rooms, I felt as if I had been there before. I hope to visit France and much of Europe in this lifetime, as we plan to film exteriors at the least at the Chateau de Conde and also film in the Czech Republic, possibly using the MUSKETEER, OUTLANDER and BORGIA sets in Prague. I also have an LOI from the Irish Film Fund as another option and Raphael Benoiel of Les Miserables, 100 yard Journey and Midnight in Paris has kindly offered to help us navigate French Film Funds.

Int: Production time is very close - have you already elected a Film Director you will share all your rewards with? Any name yet? Any exclusive news for TheMagazyne's readers? 


T.L. LEWIS: We do have several gifted A-LIST Directors in mind, both male and female choices, but I cannot reveal their names at this time. Michael Mandaville is our brillant line producer, best known for “TAKEN” 1-3.


Int: An Epic story of such great impact like REBIRTH, I imagine requires long time and efforts to be transformed into a movie. How long to be ready for the audience to enjoy? I can't wait for the première!


T.L. LEWIS: My producers, financiers and I are working toward a common goal, to complete all the paperwork and negotiations required to move forward as quickly as possible.  We are all passionate about this project and at best hope to begin filming by mid Spring or Fall of 2018, no later than Spring of 2019.

Int: and what about the Music? so essential in movies... Have you already named the Composer?


T.L. LEWIS: I love the works of Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, and so many wonderful composers too numerous to mention.  I have been contacted by several very talented composers including one from Italy, Marco Werba.  I truly miss James Horner - he was one of my all time favorites.

A Unique Screenplay

that will be soon admired on the big screen.


It has All to win Hollywood's Red Carpet

and Worldwide prestigious Film Festivals.


TheMagazyne can't wait for the Première

Int: If other producers or investors in the film industry would be interested in being part of the making of a successful masterpiece like REBIRTH... Is there still available any chance of participation? who shall they contact? 

T.L. LEWIS: Absolutely, if they can bring something valuable to the table, they should contact me by email at tlleiwiswriter or

Int: "REBIRTH" is a Unique, Touching Screenplay...a Masterpiece..that will be soon admired on the big screen..Has it All to Win Hollywood's Red Carpet and Worldwide Prestigious Film Festivals. I can't wait for the Première of the film!!

T.L. LEWIS: Emanuela,  I am truly humbled and impressed with your well researched and  intelligent questions of such great depth.

You have complimented me, but sincerely you are also an imminent and eloquent writer.  I dearly feel 'loved and honored':) by your thoughtful interview.

John Williams

Alexandre Desplat

Hans Zimmer

Marco Werba




the Composer?

      T.L. Lewis



ONLY  for TheMagazyne's readers

Some More for You to Enjoy

Find Inspiration for Life




                    (to Edmund)

Are you trying to convince me that you are honorable? He who paints nudes wants to touch my heart?

                    (snickers)   Do you think I am so in need of flattery as to add to my sorrows?



We can no longer accept a world where decent men are viewed as villains, nor villains made heroes.



May we never forget what is worth remembering and never recall that which is best forgotten.

                   ADMIRAL COLIGNY                                                            

                   (great emotion)

--Ye, you who have stood firm for this cause. This day will pass, but this fight, which is greater than us all, has sparked a brighter day, begun a new era that will echo beyond our time, to light a torch, to touch hearts, to change minds, to tame tyranny —— and to give courage to conscience.  All will know what you bravely sacrificed in this time, for all time, for the love of family, and for the sake of honour, and FREEDOM!


I now know that justice should be the cause of every man.



Somehow, I feel a circle of love has been created from our hardship, to comfort and strengthen us through time. 


                   ADMIRAL COLIGNY

How frail we are and yet how noble, so capable of the greatest good, until one man’s heresy threatens another’s truth.



  The only obvious truth is that no one can agree on its definition. 



De Guise appears more like a hero who has defeated the enemies of France than a man drenched with the blood of innocents. 


Nostradamus touches the Mona Lisa, tilts his head in awe. 



Timeless. A moment when reason is suspended and imagination smiles. 


                   CATHERINE DE MEDICI 

I try to please all and please none. Prince de Conde demands tolerance, De Guise threatens violence.



When they justify the murder of the most noble, can there be any hope for the common man? 


It appears that many no longer blindly accept the corruption of Popes, nor the commands of Kings. 

                   CATHERINE DE MEDICI

Or Queens.


                   As to fate--

Nostradamus swirls his hand in the fountain. The water appears bloody. 


                  THEODORE BEZA

It is becoming clear that  man has a right to resist the dark tyranny of abuse by church and state. Even almighty God has allowed us free will and hopes we and our rulers will choose the light. 


                    ADMIRAL COLIGNY

“How frail we are and yet how noble, so capable or the greatest truth, until one man’s heresy threatens another’s truth.”


Screenplay - opening scene:




Doors glide into a library of gold bound classics.  Through a vaulted archway -- a gallery of timeless artwork beckons, as dappled sunlight dances on masterpieces.Shafts of white light illuminate the Mona Lisa, framed  by nude Greek nymphs and variations of Madonna and Child.  


Charts, books and tarot cards sprawl across a carved desk. A gust of wind ripples the pages of an open book, as the cracked window CREAKS and SWINGS wide open to reveal the grim grays of overcast skies and cobblestone streets. 

Church bells STRIKE in the distance.



In the shadow of a grand cathedral, dozens of headless bodies slump in a wooden cart -- piled like garbage. A MOB rants around a blood drenched scaffold, draped with black fabric, shining with thickened blood.  

A little boy, EDMUND (10) weaves through the angry crowd and reaches the scaffold. Atop the platform, five bound NOBLEMEN SING PSLAMS, drowned out by MONKS who CHANT louder in Latin. An Executioner motions; a TALL NOBLEMAN (35) kneels.  The Nobleman's kind EYES meet the EYES of young Edmund. The glistening AXE drops. A sickening CRUNCH, THUD. 

Blood spurts and splatters little Edmund's face.  Frantic, he trips over a basket. Ruby red liquid splashes; heads roll in front of him. 

On his knees he retches, as wind blows dirt and blood across cobblestones. He rises pale, his face a mix of blood and tears.  He pushes through the mob, as a Catholic Priest BERNARD (40) chases after him. 


Little Edmund scales the stone wall and never looks back. He stumbles around worn gravestones until he reaches the hilltop, shaken against a backdrop of death. With lips quivering, he falls at the base of a towering obelisk shrine. His tiny hand traces the words.  


With swollen eyes pinched tight, tears explode. He rises  and throws, what appear to be, stones into the air. 


                        OLDER EDMUND (V.O.)

From that day forward, it seemed easier not to seek truth nor question the meaning of life,  but rather just make the most of being  alive.

Clouds cast elapsed shadows and shafts of sunlight on emerald hills and vineyards below.  





EDMUND, now 22, paints erect at his easel. A breeze ruffles his hair and RUSTLES the leaves above him.  He inhales the scent of a daffodil pressed against his scruffy beard.  Sweet STRING MUSIC resonates as his fresh shaven friend  DANIEL (25) plucks his violin, spellbound with Edmund's art. 

ON CANVAS: a voluptuous nude holds a sparse 'bouquet of flowers'between her firm, round bosom. Daniel teases.


 Nice bouquet of--flowers.  


Movement in the meadow below. Edmund looks up from his painting and nudges Daniel. 


A stunning maiden, GENEVIEVE (19) runs through wild flowers, bending over to gather blossoms, adding one to her golden hair. As she rises, the wind catches her white cotton dress and defines her shapely silhouette.



Nice breeze. 


Edmund! For pity's sake, bridle yourself. Just finish your painting.


Painting can wait.     

Daniel rolls his eyes.


She's the niece of Prince de Conde.  This time you need to think before you leap.

Playful, Edmund lunges forward to startle his friend.


Typical Humanist, a love of liberty, void of light.

Edmund snickers.


The Prince will liberate you all right, from your head. 

Mesmerized, Edmund gawks toward the meadow. 


A stallion steps from the thicket; atop rides Genevieve's cousin ANNE DE CONDE (21). Hair and mane flow like chocolate silk. A muscular white mare glides toward Genevieve. She pets the mare as her eyes scan the hill.  


Those men are staring at us.

             ANNE DE CONDE

 Pay them no mind. Artists and musicians, they're all hedonists. 

Genevieve giggles as she mounts the mare with ease… 

             ADMIRAL COLIGNY

 Our purpose in life may be to do what is most difficult for us, to forgive our enemies and ourselves.


In full bloom, the Queen Mother, CATHERINE DE MEDICI (50) reads from the book "The Prince Of Machiavelli".  She turns the page and reads aloud. 


"A prince wishing to keep his power often finds it of little consequence, and even necessary, to do evil.


              PRINCE DE CONDE

Son, defending life, liberty and family is not man's worst moral dilemma.


Prince de Conde pivots around Edmund and jabs with each word.                         


              PRINCE DE CONDE 

 A far more degraded state is found--in the mind of a man who has found nothing-- for which  he is willing to fight or-- die for.

Edmund looks as if he's been stabbed in the heart.  The Prince spins and pins Edmund. The sword now tickles Edmund's throat.

               PRINCE DE CONDE 

 Many shout the words of peace, then, when it matters most -- their silence deafens. 

 Intense eye contact between the two. SILENCE. 





Genevieve looks down and strokes a worn gravestone.    


I don't want our story to ever end.


With tenderness, Edmund wipes Genevieve's tears. 


We can't have the dread of dying rob us of our joy in living.



Your mother is the reason the greatest story I’ve ever told is the one I’ve lived.


                 EDMUND  (V.O.)                                            

As children we believe we are immortal… In time, we discover that our tribulations are temporary and that some things never die.


      T.L. Lewis

Has it All to Win the Red Carpet

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