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Maestro Riccardo Muti:  Director Of Souls
By    EMANUELA CLARI                                                                   NOV. 27, 2016

Maestro Riccardo Muti could be easily nick-named, King Richard the Lion-heart:

His stage presence reminds a King's posture, his hair movements and emphasis while directing let us see the lion fierce pride and his enlightenment to Music and Art brings us to such a sensitive spirit that words hardly can define.


The perfect King of the Jungle of Music.

In a simple state of mind, behind the curtains, every single day somebody is working for our souls. Releasing a shout of triumph the audience stands up at the end of every single concert. That means to reach somebody's to the deepest.

Musicians perform like Olympic champions although intimidated by his vigorous energy and by the time the dust from instruments played to the death has disappeared, they feel as part of the music.

Maestro Riccardo Muti's knowledge sure make its entrance on each note whispered or spread loud in the air and breathed by accustomed Opera singers. That is what certainly Maestro Muti, the best Italian Orchestra Director, does have: the knowledge of Music and the knowledge of Souls.

The essential, who is hidden in the music vibrations, is told to hearts by the Maestro, even to those not pure-minded bodies. Maestro Muti incarnates an incredible spirit who like a royal marble-made-bridge passes to the core of souls The Music, The Art.

He got intimate with what needs centuries to be captured by any human being.


Neither his audience nor the performers can deny the graceful and sublime atmosphere he creates compared to any other orchestra director.

His rehearsals are for musicians more than just "let's play and remember your talent". At all. Maestro Muti is all about speaking musically to musicians' and singers' souls.

A slight smile trembles at the corner of his mouth when praised and complimented.

But, it's well known all around the world that at concerts directed by Maestro King Richard Lion-heart, the Almighty Music instantly leaps straight into hearts and souls.

That's what is called a Triumph.

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