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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                         AUGUST 26, 2017

The Sunflower's hair is made of bright yellow ray florets that summery wind seems to love.


Its gentle, sometimes bending face, is always tanned and searching for scorching embraces.


It stands tall, fearless and proud of its might.


“Shine or Rain” it never gives up. It knows that behind the haze there's always a Star.


The brightest of all.


An original Sunflower never wears to much make up to be different or masque itself. It is just the way it is. No tricks.


Its skyline is unlimited and constantly vivid.


Fights to reach the top, never being intrusive to its fellows.


Searches for wrinkles because are its own and best essence.


As far as being radiant is concerned an authentic Sunflower agrees that the basic rule for life is to be optimistic.


Life is made of a single season. The wise Sunflower knows it very well.


Therefore it is extremely unlikely that there is a misunderstanding, a discussion, disloyalty, or brutal behavior among Sunflowers. A Sunflower never loses its temper. What for?


The basement where its feet are grounded is well kept and grabbed by its conscious roots.


The elements needed for the perfect growth are found easily and well administered to all its body.


The choice of a sunlit color makes even more complete the Sunflower's perfection.


It never confuses a “natural look” with the fashion. The results are just about guaranteed to be beautifying. A Star of the Golden Way either than the pale Milky one.


It is advisable to depend on the recommendations of a Sunflower.

Its new sort of words, constantly made of genuine positivism, regular brightness and true enthusiasm for life are the potion of a nourishing balm which causes systematically a magical change on many.


Sane and happy living is your issue? A real Sunflower demonstrates that the bright side it is the only one to follow and not the dark.


The mysterious dark side could be fascinating though it does not contribute, once picked, and proven in loads of circumstances, to lead to any better existence. Never.


So what are we waiting for?


Let's get straight away the remote control of our mood and let's set the Sunflower's attitude going on and on.

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