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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                                          JULY 1, 2017

Time flies. Time changes our faces, wrinkles us, raises us, feeds us of hot cups of summers, mixed salads  of autumn leaves, icy cakes of winter seasons and floral first courses of beautiful springs.

Time moves. Flows, unstoppable, on our trendy watches, on our cellular special designed screens, among the stars, beyond our thoughts.

Trends change. Clothes are thrown for "better-connected-to-the-fashion" ones, hair styles are "improved", medical treatments are discovered, youth is forever spread by surgeries, children are smartest, fastest and with an adult point of view from the age of 5.

Time is "endless". Time absorbs the past and creates new lives in each of its fragments.

The circular movement designed on a clock seems to have similarities with the globe appearance and mutual friends with  the planet life which is made of turning and turning.

The same circle had been drawn on our  will  as Human Beings population. As if the only inheritance we could count on  corresponded to a circular rebroadcast robotic approach.  

We roam handling all aspects around us stumbling always on the same obstacles and errors:  the nonsense of suffering, the dying,  the struggling, the choking after the identical wars promoted for "peace",  allowing the same blood to reverse on our dignity,  giving a sense to the clear absolute inanity, fighting for women's and children's normal rights, the eager killing for the detention of more power, more land, more success, more money. 

We keep standing blank in front of  intolerable, absurd "someone-says-right"  atrocious genocides, blind "star-wars" ,  proclaimed with smiles gas-nuclear-psycological-murders and rarely accepting the life as a unique diamond to be saved from cynical robbers.

We do look like robots,  "history-repeating-mistakers",  human beings ordered to do, influenced to be, killed to think and anesthetized to react.

The "open-minded" age has mistaken its role. Even if somebody describes what an enlightened age should be or it is, why are we buying it? Why are we subjugated by  a "simple-description" based on no evidence.

New bulbs are needed. Probably, are needed bulbs never produced before. New light-bulbs to spread the roots of a truly bright world, made of  liberty, tolerance, fraternity, progress for all, based on  the mere sapere aude, for new dare to know and dare to respect generations.
New bulbs to enlighten endlessly the  freedom of expression and  ingeniously eradicate  any violent authority.

Do we really look like "enlightened people", living an "enlightened era", on an "enlightened planet", with "enlightened rules"? Not yet.

Evidence to an agreement is so fragile, so subtle, so limited, so absent.

Time flies and we still are sweating to beat the same obstacles our predecessors had to overcome many, many, many years ago.

It's a lie to say that our world has almost nothing to do with the world of yesterday.

Why should a girl, on sparkling watch-and-copy advertising, be shown always in the same way? Push a pram, comb your hair, choose pink and look at boys building the future.   
She is showing her already-decided  skills to improve, to practice, to tussle for. Girls and the entire society buys it, both consciously and unconsciously.

So there we are  she puts the dress of the perfect girl being sure she is a rebel, she is trendy, she is original, she is admirable, she is worthy, she is unique.  
Thoughts, only conditioned thoughts, based on a track designed not to be trespassed with any disagreement or escape.
Does that represent the mulier-sapiens generation? She is not shining though. Electricians are required for new bulbs and open-minded point of views.

Why should a boy hold a gun to enjoy his leisure time?
"It's summer time! He is only at the beach. Let him have fun! Those pistols splash water, they are not dangerous. The enormous, colorful, cheap gun is harmless. It's just made of plastic. Let them have fun! They know is not for real!"
Looking at those huge, plastic, spitting water guns it seems like a rehearsal, a prologue of a violent dialogue to come, a getting used to the "powerful" position of holding a gun, a taking practice of what it means to be good at killing the targets, a game to be good at for the future military assaults, a game installed in children who once grown-ups will feel confident, fearless and superficial in pulling the trigger to abuse on innocent eyes with atrocity and uncontrollable violence.
Does that represent the homo-sapiens generation? He is not shining either! New call for electricians is essential. Please bring brand new bulbs and cautious producers and buyers.

Why should a woman put herself on her knees to happily clean the house believing the Cinderella's tasks always pay back the double? The double of what? Who set the price? And why are women buying the shining packaging since childhood with such an intense happy-belonging-unquestionable-submission ?

Why are many women accepting to shoot advertisements, music videos, billboard photographs, magazines covers and any media interaction,  where  their image is ruined by a discomforting, disregarding, disrespectful, unbelievable masculine point of view?

Mulier-sapiens and Homo-sapiens? Not yet.

Why should a woman dream that what she deserves must be brought from a strong-depicted light-blue-dressed Knight who knows how, when, what, where, who and why of everything? The man's effort could be just a kiss and the feeling-already-a-princess  is at his mercy.

Why should a man or a woman remain sat on ancestors' armchairs thinking that the world must be conquered toasting with blood ?

Why should a little girl always advertise  only dolls, dolls-houses, dolls hair style, dolls make up and dolls'  charming life? Is there anything else the female gender might like?

Why should a little boy always advertise house-builders, house-architects, house-makers, lives-makers? Is there anything else his role must add to the preset let-the-male-do-it they do it better unbearable law?

Drop by drop children's  brains, like sponges, end to absorb the established attitude and roles, play the established  game  to death and move like cold robots for their entire life. This is us. There is plenty of evidence.

We can't hide ourselves behind the female and male DNA predispositions to this or that task. It's not enough to cover the cinders of a fire lit by the human distorted will.

Why should a woman fight to have her natural gift, her period, to be recognized as the most beautiful and significant gift for life?

Why should a man or woman fight to  kill, instead of fighting for refusing to kill?

Where is the enlightened age? Has it ever shown its brightness? Is it really ended the yesterday's dark-era?
How can we still have our meals dirtied by the tremendous news which run in front of us with chopped heads, bombing cities, children starving, flies on corpses,  policemen beating with more technological sticks on freedom.
The news and meals. The food and the atrocity. We still can eat watching the horror of the news or even not eating, we still read, watch, present the terrible news as only a robot would do .
Aren't we robots? Robots could do that. Enjoy the meal!?

Is this the dark-era or the enlightened-age? What's the difference though? Is there any?

Many are still judging from the color of our skin, our eyes, our birth, our wealth, our health, our social position, our greener garden, our faith, our gender, our vote. The list is endless.

The absurd world of thoughts. It's all in a thought. The thought is all in the words. Words are all in cultural beliefs. Beliefs are all spread by culture and customs. Culture and customs are all engulfed by 99% of men's productivity.  Many women are aside scared to be listened or copying men's attitude so to be listened. Children are still waiting for a real change. They deserve a change.

New generations know there is something wrong in the evolution.

The world goes around  deviated and led by history-repeating-mistakers.
Maniac people choose the hate as leader of their robotic existence.
Mulier-Sapiens and Homo-Sapiens  choose the love and equal opportunities as leaders of their present and future.

Time flies: when will the sapiens-age begin??


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