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By    EMANUELA CLARI                                                                       MARCH 18, 2017
"Be an original quoter if you really can't help yourself "
"It's better to say something
than quoting always and only somebody else "
a Quote-Creator instead of
a Quote-Reporter
will make a Great impact in Your Life. "
"Who Am I Quoting today? Let's give a go to My Self. "

On t-shirts, in books, entire books, in magazines, on photos, videos, nightclubs lit walls, stamped forever on skins, sent on twitter and all social medias, in advertising of any kind, in churches, on radios, on tv presenters' mouths, carved on wooden benches, in all languages and hand writings, from people with any sort of back ground, in literature, in cooking recipes, in personal and formal messages, on lip-stick-dirty-mirrors, stuck on computer screens, in posh office halls, on huge billboards, well practically everywhere the "quote" is the new look for everything and everyone.


"What shall I quote today?". It's the everyday question that equals to the old-fashioned "What shall I wear today?" .


I bought a new e-book with quotes by Mr "I-know-what-You-need-follow-me".

It was a bargain.

I grabbed from the muddy floor a tore newspaper because there was an ad-quote by Mrs "You, oh no, you are not attending the Quote-course-will-save-your-life! " .

It was a smash.

The news continued "Jump on this course, you all, and get ready to write on your smart-i-pads! Be alive. Be the first to quote today. Learn by heart new quotes, at least 120 per day. Make the difference, competition can beat you any time, rush onto the wave of quoting faster".

It was a nightmare.


Why all this sweating?

Just to remember what you should focus on every single day, and, of course, to feel better.


Why should I feel better that way? Am I so bad? Am I so in need to fly "higher". What direction should I go?


Miss "Quoting-everyday-it-is-so-cool" will tell you what to do; do not panic, never.


Get the quote-cards, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, don't miss the Sunday ones, it's essential or you will not be able to start your week again.


Yes, it's true that we are the sum of our total experience and we, indeed, are somehow human beings made of extracts.


Our parents' admonishments, our grandparents' wise advice, the father's recipe for life, the mother's customs and repeated sentences from her culture, everything, our studies and much more around us lead our adventure on this planet.


It's an existence that from birth has been fed on "quoting somebody's words and thoughts".


Is it easier to live with others advice? Is it useful to care about things and behaviors somebody else believed or believes in? Are we 100% confident on those advice? Were they in our minds and hearts before drinking them with our morning-coffees and night-night tisanes? Are we simply, taking advantage of strangers' wisdom and making the best of it? But how much coffee should I drink to feel strongly awaken about life's important matters?


Is that coffee made with beans I have personally picked one by one? or the cultivated field had been owned by somebody whose true past I barely know?


And most of All why should the 92% of quoting be from a men's mind? Where were women? Where are women? We all know the struggling for getting female's rights to be accepted as normal and achievable. Many women, still today, make an effort to see the worthy in female's roles.


That's a long story and can't be told easily. However why are we still accepting to eat preferably the pancakes cooked by men? Are women so bad at cooking?


Just as a start, from very young age, school's programs are completely spread of 99% of men's biographies to learn, men's poems to admire, men's thoughts to breath in and out and on and on.


Why? And Why is the "quoting-world" a male World too? The only women quoted quite often are Mother Teresa on a side and Coco Chanel on the other, and sometimes Margaret Thatcher's quotations over take Chanel's ones and Oprah's win versus Teresa's ones.


The list of quoting from women, achievable to a big audience, reaches the number of 100. One hundred? Isn't it too small?

So comes easy to say:

not only Let's stop quoting too frequently but also let's stop quoting men's words&thoughts too often.


It doesn't mean that men's excerpts are wrong, Good quotes remain Good quotes for sure, but there are too many around.


The so admired and copied men's passages become instantly a subtle invisible strength which affects the society in all its vulnerable fields.


And inescapably that invisible and apparently harmless strength absorbs many women's voices, bad interferes in less confident women's lives, hypnotizes women's brain with the Men's Hero-facade Myth, and gives the history more men's talks to remember, putting aside the women's presence, again.


Must be reversed the flow some how.


By the way why should I worry if the world aligned and is wearing everyday Miss or Mr "Quote-this-I-will-quote-you-back-that" ?

Or why should I consider a problem if Mrs or Mr "this-signature-isn't-mine-but-I-feel-the-same-way" desire to message thousands of quotes, daily?

What about me? Am I so less important? Am I supposed to relax a little bit more from thinking too much?

Is it thinking everyday too tiring for me?

Is it extraordinary tiring to invent something profound, or just different, on my own?


But apparently we don't feel second to none, also copying, we are part of the fantastic world created with few words by someone else, man or woman. Who cares. Why Not? Who Am I hurting?


But there's something in the "quote-world" that is sending a transparent wave back to some not self confident beholders or maybe, to the confident too.


The transparent coat the "quoting-addiction" detains, it is made of such a delicate essence and presence that permeates our bodies and souls without even knocking at our doors.


The ghostly "blinded-regular-quoting" wave let you feel you are so strong, so fine, so perfect and then smashes you on the first rock at sight.


Why? The too much quoting others words and thoughts, it is practically absorbing, without leaving traces, the identity of the quoting-writers; who, believes to the deepest that, what it is said and neatly reported, equals to their true identities.

But the Ghost is giving birth to a failure.


It's hard to admit: original identities are missing.


Let's be frank , I would rather say nothing than quoting periodically and mechanically just because .. Just because?

It's even difficult to find the reason. Too much quoting it's really "too much" and a deterrent to the growth of a true identity.


It's high time we found out and set about enriching our own fund of experience.


More the "do" than the "say". More the "act" than the "write". More the "me" than the "them". More the "self-made" than the "reported". Especially when it's taking a big part of my identity without even asking for permission. The risk to lose it's high.


Of course we are grown ups, but practically the risk it's the same. However that may be, it is well to arrive at a recognition of our own individuality. At first it may come as a shock to realize that there is only one of us on earth, that we are unlike anyone else, but when occurs the quoting, and quoting and quoting every single day, let's say it , often our individuality results a mere illusion, the more we insist with quoting the more the person appears, lost, without identity.

Let's give sense to the plot.


Let's find the balance in sharing the "best-quotes-of-my-life-I-must-share-them-now". It's about keeping safe our own identity and it ought to be our most valued possession.


Let's taste pancakes and coffees made of our own special, unique and marvelous ingredients and beans. There's nothing better than that to start and end the day.


It's absolutely the Quote Unquote thing to do.

Let me start:

"Be an original quoter if you really can't help yourself."


"Being a quote-creator instead of a quote-reporter will make a great impact in your life."


"It's better to say something than quoting always and only somebody else."


"Who am I quoting today? let's give a go to My Self."

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