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By  EMANUELA CLARI                                                                         FEB. 11, 2017
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Yaheard LLC's           Point of View

Life is more than life itself. There are curtains, a stage, roles and rules, souls and voices, rainy days and sunny ones. But life still remains more than the crude life. Many circumstances bring us to the verge and many others are light and forgivable. To live the unknown sometimes we bend our knees to pray to any God we believe in as far as we can be enlightened somehow. Or like crazy dreamers we stretch our hearts like the moon stretches the tide as if to love or to be loved gave the true path to step in.There are always limits to be knocked down to see clearly in front of us. Love or Gods seem to be partially helpful to human beings' daily battle. Restrictions, limits and boundaries, either material or spiritual, are always challenges for human bodies and especially for independent spirits.

And mostly in the rush we swim in frantically every day, to over take hundreds of challenges monthly, has become a heavy stuck duty. But who is behaving originally? Who can be called the Leader of the Rush Hours and feel Unique among the others? The second you wink at a friend it's time to go to work, work done it's time to smile and slip to the show somebody says is worth. Who is walking on his own path? Who is trying not to be the shadow of the neighbor? What is it exactly the game of life? Who opens the inscriptions everyday? What does it mean to have a chief role in that game? Winners are rewarded, losers are stimulated or destroyed. But the point is, who decides what to fight for?Who chooses what to consider a worthy life or a worthy try or a worthy prize? And who tells us what can push a person to give the best a human can give? And by the way, is the winner getting really the right prize? Who gave identity and the concrete positive meaning to "a prize"? Why are we All running, often, for the same goals and rewards? Are similarities terrestrial belongings? Are we supposed to feel Unique being similar? Why many have the same answers to what the best way to spend life is? Weirdly it all looks as part of a mundane pattern and a so called "Good Life". A puzzled Life made of many pieces who everybody chooses, often, randomly or not even knowing why.

Decisions of being strong, being good actors, having feet on the ground of honesty, sharing the love our souls inhale and exhale, feeling the sounds around us with true intention, are for some people the hypothetical and subjective correct options for a sort of "Good Life" . Others pick different pieces to complete their puzzles. Millions of Options are available but similarities are always part of the pattern though thought Unique by many. Let's say it's a sort of a Subjective Good Routine. But who really wants to Live a Good Routine, though amiable, livable, acceptable, enjoyable but still a "Routine"?

Courage comes to rescue us. That's the answer to all doubts. Be Brave to Be Safe. Be Bold not to be Predictable. Be the One who makes the difference to Be Alive. Be courageous not to face boredom. That point of reunion between the "routine-life" aspects and the "brave-life" position is "Real Life". It is actually the moment in which you can be only an every day winner, because fears have been frightened by your own audacity; and the rewards are given like tattoos, so personal, so on You, in You, forever somehow. But that audacity to shout out loud that we want to participate differently in the game of life and create a "real life" sometimes fades like a drop in the ocean of fears. The courage to be brave and to expose ourselves to this on the "edge-dual-dimension" is the key to All.

On a side there's the attraction towards the beauty of any goals which appear like a Big Brown Bear when hugging and playing with its cubs, gives that sense of safety and timeless existence. A dream is forever. Then there's the feeling goals are achievable.

On the other hand it appears immediately , behind that serene atmosphere, the trustfulness side of the same Big Brown Bear, so admired, who now is nothing but a frighting limit to overtake to accomplish those goals. You get closer to the Big Brown Bear, want to hug your goals, and the bear roars like a Lion King of Panic and Anxiety. So there we are escaping that Big Brown Bear, to be safe somewhere else: the country of no-responsibilities, no-duties, no-answers-to-give, the land of no-news, the planet of goals left undone. But that exact moment when we are attracted by Freedom (with capital F) and when we really are in need to be rescued and to be finally ourselves as never been in our entire existence, there , that instant, we absolutely find the Courage to Be really Brave and face the attractive roaring Bear.

The Heroism always dreamed or never imagined, all of a sudden, let us feel and become fearless. In those circumstances the unpredictable happens.


We close our eyes or we open them wide. And in a clear "edge-dual-dimension" between the "routine" and "lucidity" we leap through the unknown; the desired; the challenge always postponed; the boring life quit; the job changed all of a sudden; the mother-in-law answered back, after years of silence, despite the husband resentment; the letter never sent, clicked in the ether with shaking fingers; the words of love shared with the right person; the diving from the highest rock into strong wavy sea to beat a record; the first interview for a timid guy; the truth said to the parents about own sexuality choice; the boat to be taken to rescue from dictatorship; the dying on that boat searching for freedom; the mother accepting to give birth to the already beloved child despite doctors admonishment; the acceptance of having made many mistakes; the strength to start a new life when the family has been destroyed by unfaithfulness; the challenged disability becoming athletic heroism; the brutal hands and violence reported to the police; the everyday women's silent screams transformed in a shout for help after years of submission; the ocean crossed in isolation; the idea realized despite negative and friendly advice; the freedom from having usurers to feed; the rescued child from a father who without hesitation dived in an icy river; the challenged orthodoxy of the Church; the personal decision of ejecting racial discrimination from one's heart.


We can't deny that Life is more than life itself, and much more than a Good Life done of similarities. Real Life is the essence of being Brave, and it should be embraced at least once.

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We are Yaheard, LLC from Raleigh, North Carolina. Yaheard is a mobile application that brings a new twist to social media. It is designed to express your opinions or statements and engage in highly competitive arguments. The members of the team include Robert Dates (Co-CEO), Joshua Puente (Co-CEO), DomiNick Downing (CMO), Kevin Puente (Brand Ambassador), Abe Zemelak (Brand Ambassador), and Marcus Spruill (Director of Communications). We have all been friends for years, but courage is what brought us together as a company.


When Rob and Josh told the rest of the team they were going to create a mobile app the entire team was thrilled to be working together. What could be better than going into business and working with your close friends? But we all still needed to find a role that would suit us and be valuable to the overall success of the team. “When I first started Yaheard, LLC with Robert Dates we both definitely needed courage. I had no idea what I was getting myself into as a Co-CEO of a mobile startup, but that was part of the challenge that I was accepting”- Josh. There were times that members of the group did not take their job seriously and our progress as a team began to stagnate. We did not let this get us down, but continued to hold one another accountable for his job and actions. Since then we can honestly say we have grown closer as co-workers and friends. “The fears of doing something out of the ordinary can be overwhelming. Some may label this as bravery or even risk, but I literally like to call this faith. It takes faith to be brave in any situation no matter the amount of fear involved.”- Rob



If you have a long-term goal that requires tons of effort from multiple individuals, courage from each member is needed to meet the team's expectations. Our first app release did not go as planned. We learned to pride ourselves not on only getting the job done quickly, but with a high level of quality. Now, we have gained an increased sense of determination to get the job done efficiently and with proficiency. Yaheard is all about having the courage to share your opinions with the world knowing there will be people that disagree. We made the decision to be brave and try something different. As Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”



Robert Dates- “Essentially I feel that anyone can have the courage to be brave, but you have to exercise faith.”


DomiNick Downing- “Courage is striving to strengthen your weaknesses when you're mentally weak.”


Josh Puente- “Being courageous also helps me to continue to challenge myself in areas I believe I need to work at.”


Kevin Puente- “Courage is just taking the initiative to learn something new every day and never limiting yourself from different challenges and obstacles.”


Marcus Spruill- “If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”


Aberham Zemelak- “Courage is the ability to face one’s fear and have the willingness and determination to carry on.”

Joshua Puente

Robert Dates

Marcus Sprill

Dominick  Downing

Aberham Zamelak

By  MARCUS  SPRILL,  YAHEARD's Director of Communications   FEB. 11, 2017

Kevin Puente

Yaheard's Inspiring Point of view

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