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By   EMANUELA CLARI                                                                               FEB. 25, 2017

Mentally and emotionally a voice grabbed my time. I had been brought into a Timeless atmosphere that was inexplicable.


I had to sit and listen paying attention to a particular sonority talking to me in a sort of brand new language. A desire to experiment and intellectual alertness were vibrating in James Blake's voice and arrived straight away to capture my "observation".


Music plays an important part in most people lives. We who seek, probably, in tunes and voices that cryptic outlook in its most significant meaning can't in no sense avoid the "call" from one tune or another, from one voice or another. It's the vibration which decides who to touch and how.


Sort of experience comparable to when we stop ourselves admiring a painting or any other form of Art from Nature to Architectural creations and singularly and Uniquely We do receive and acknowledge something Special.

What can we do for this valuable achievement when occurs? Just grab it to the core of our identity and let it pulsate with us.

Many of James Blake's tracks from his Albums such as his latest "The Colour in Anything" (2016), the Mercury Prize rewarded "Overgrown" (2013) and his self-titled "James Blake" (2011)  have decided, to a very considerable degree, to draw my attention to a different approach to sounds, whispers, beats, delicate and apparently discordant notes.

James Blake is a young Londoner born on 26 September 1988, 29 y.o., described as eager of isolation but contradicting the statement with so many co-operations with singers, musicians, DJs and producers  such as American Justin Vernon leader of the band Bon Iver  , DJs Gilles Peterson, Nick Grimshaw and Zane Lowe , Mount Kimbie, British rapper Trim and the American Vince Staples,  British Producer Brian Eno or the American Revolutionary Wu-Tang Clan rappers band and the so Famous Eclectic American Producer Rick Rubin.


Many big names are framing His love and passion for Music, Unique Music, helped grow at the Goldsmiths University of London with his studies of Popular Music.

All this brings us to an Artist who practically searches for the other in his lyrics, someone who shares music in his every-days, hoping to be part of and to receive from others too.

Who's James Blake? For sure a very Generous Artist, by all meanings.


An original musician and singer who started at early age with a Great Maestro his Father Mr James Litherland from whom I believe James Junior learned and inherited the ability to express the essential, the intimacy, the dialogue with the unknown, the sound made of pure Soul music, the repeating lyrics which need to be repeated to have the proper impact on listeners' hearts.

The so beautiful song "My willing heart", from album "The Colour in Anything" is the perfect combination of All his production.


It Resumes poetry using few words adapted as an entire new entity to a splendid melody.

James Blake tells always  stories, from such a poetical and unique point of view, about himself, emotions and  his  simple moments of life.

"It's me who makes the peace in me" (from Meet You in the Maze") respond to an inner research for uniqueness and truthful intent.


Something in the untold tells more than anything else.


The music and the "left aside" words added to James Blake's tone of voice makes the plot of a very intriguing futuristic film that must be seen till the end and if watched again it broadcast new emotions and new inner words impact and opens to an avant-garde prospective.


Who's James Blake?


Let's all put down our boundaries and gather around to his innovative and contemporary production.

Let's have his music vibrate on our skin and souls.

James Blake: a singular sight through music that deserves a try.

"It's Me Who Makes the Peace in Me"

" I don't know about my Dreams..."

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