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By    EMANUELA CLARI                                                                          DEC 3, 2016

I want to be as powerful as the Pope. I should wear White today!

I want to be as listened as Gandhi. Shall I wear White today?

I want to live in a glorious White House. No problems. Call the

interior designer darling and let's have it all painted and furnished in white.


White works. Ancient knew it well, modern people follow, and future generation should learn and apply it adding to their C.V.s a photo wearing something white.

Of course, the position will be yours.


Your look in white is clear to human eyes and thoughts: that person is absolutely pure, innocent, royal and somehow trustful more than any others wearing different colors instead of the aristocratic bright white.

So why not taking advantage of all the positive effects? Why hide ourselves behind red curtains?

White clouds aren't a sign of rain and storms, nor am I.


I am simply a "star" in the human system who brights more than the others.

The White will be my companion for life. I can't change something that has its roots so far in the past and that nowadays is Chromotherapists' smooth trip for distroying solitude, giving that beautiful sense of freedom and curing emotionally my tensions.


The potency of the white colour is really inviolable. A Toga candida could be enough to defend myself or to allow me to feel more "virilis". Romans did, why shouldn't I?

Should the gleaming white be the referenced friend we listen to everyday? Should it be the dear tool to experiment new, fresh worthwhile passions?

It should be the best character to put on life's stage.


The white snow is there to let us feel calm, completely relaxed. It's a radiant feeling and without any doubt transforms a bad day in a smile.

What about then if wearing my bikini i'd just lie down on a white sand beach? It does work too.

It's amazing how brightness can relieve all pains.


If all this favourable impact comes from white worn or seen, the correspondence on me and from me it's equal if not even higher.

The white transmits power so I am powerful, glory, I am glorious, wealth, without doubts I am wealthy, can't you see?


It's all in five letters, W.H.I.T.E., the vigour of an achromatic reason which empowers me of a potential colourful Newtonian scheme in one.

Lovely deduction to feel so good in white: I am more than a colour.

Life could be like playing chess and I could always be the one who can make the first move. Not bad at all.


What if , to all these positive effects, I added the natural power that comes from having a white coat on? I could become a Beluga Whale, distract all my enemies and escape safely.

The modern Polar Bears hid in my office could be fooled and I would have my chin angled high and proud.

Or the worst killer whales searching for love could be over taken by my dazzling white smile.

Wearing my White Christmas Jumper I could scatter unconscious troublemakers without absorbing their heavy halo.

And much more to all, if white hair represents unmistakably a wise person and it's so fascinating to the world why should I miss the opportunity to feel so good in my elderly.


Feeling the goddess Vesta in my white shawl I'll have the time of my life ready to easily deal with the everyday routine without any doubt: White works.

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